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To Know The Wi-Fi Password Which Was Entered Before

Usually when you have to get the password for the Wi-Fi network, it will be entered automatically every time you are in the area, so you do not have to remember it again.

How about you also igin share passwords with other people? That's easy, you can get it back. First press on the icon Wi-Fi on your taskbar, and select '"Open Network and Sharing Center".

From the left sidebar, select "Manage wireless networks"

Right click on the Wi-Fi network you want to know, and select 'Properties'.

Go to the 'Security' tab, and tick the box "Show characters". You will see that the password has been entered for the Wi-Fi network.

Increase Your Internet Speed

If you feel slow to load internet browser page, here I want to share how to improve page load for internet explorer and mozilla firefox to 4 times faster.

Microsoft Internet Explorer

  • Go to "Start" and click "Run" or for users vista or windows 7, go to start and use the search.
  • Type "regedit" and press "Ok" and the Registry Editor will open.
  • Expand Software, Microsoft, Windows, Current Version
  • Click on the Internet Settings
  • MaxConnectionPer1_0Server and MaxConnectionPerServer show maximum number of connections per page
  • Double click on one of the registries for change.
  • Set the Decimal radio button and add value from default to a higher value,example 10. Do the same on the other one registry.

Mozilla Firefox

  • Open Firefox and type about: config in the address bar and press "Enter".
  • Filter Type network.http.pipe the search bar above.
  • Double click on network.http.pipelining string to convert to the true values​​.
  • If you use a proxy, network.http.proxy.pipelining set to true.
  • Double click on network.http.pipelining.maxrequests string to convert interger value to 35.
  • Right click on any of the Configuration screen and select "New" and then "Boolean".
  • Enter browser.turbo.enabled as new Boolean name and click "Ok". Now set the Boolean value to true.

* You can also install Fasterfox Plugin. This increases the speed Firefox Plugin.

Watching You Tube Without Buffering

You all would like / have seen videos on youtube right? sure the videos you watch sometimes Buffering.

Here I want to share some knowledge that I know how do we watch the video without buffering. before I go I want to remind self this way also depends on the speed line / broadband and not forgetting the file size we watch that.

Without wasting time I mean this is the last step.

1. type

2. click Join the HTML5 Trial

try, should you be surprised .. :-)

Blog A Knowledge Sharing Medium

You have heard the word blog right? Actually the word is still new existence in this world. Long history, but in short blog is part of the word that means Remarks for a website. The builders of the website sometimes tu make a special page on their website where they make daily entries, or weekly about their activities and they call it "Web log". Old-time Web Log ni increasingly popular and more known as a BLOG only.

What is Blog?

Blog is a type of web-shaped recording of anything by the blog author. All opinions, or news, or announcements, or stories or whatever form will be treated as a blog entry. Do not mistake that blogs and websites can not exist together because this blog from the website and now there are many blogs available on the website.

Are Blog Popular?

Today, the blog is actually very popular throughout the world. Blogs built to share interests, exchange ideas, express opinions, announce new news, talk about current events, entertainment, sports, fashion, computer, internet, comics, books, family, science, technology, business, video games, financial, group, music, movies, dramas, tv shows, shopping, cars, motorcycles, law, politics, foreign issues, nature, magazines, newspapers, religion, history, language, employment, and more. All this we can put this blog. This is what makes blogging so popular.

Why need to create a blog?

There are many reasons for you to create a blog, depending on your needs for a blog that. Sometimes people create blogs for fun, but there is also a blog for a rice cooker! Make no mistake, blogging can provide a lucrative income if done right. If you you things you want to share with others, a blog is a smart choice. there are many websites that provide services create a blog for free, and some you can create a blog in 5 minutes! Create a blog actually is not difficult, but what is important is the content of your blog!

How to make an interesting blog?

Blog posts shall be of great content. Write your blog closely, and soulful, you'll write blog posts. Great content also resulted from a deep knowledge of the issues that you write on your blog, the more the knowledge or more in your interest in the issue, more interesting content you will write. In addition, the graphics might be an interesting combination of colors in your blog will make it more interesting!

What do you think, if you are interested in for the blog, what are the issues you wish to take in ur blog. Or do you just want to make fun of the blog and just wanted to write je yg anything you like. I thought, do not shock yourself! Lazy reader will read your blog!

Enemy Computer: Virus

Have you ever suffered - the following conditions: -

  • You feel your computer is getting slower?
  • Running sluggish and often hangs operation (hangs)?.
  • Files often lost and can not be detected?
  • Program can not be run?
  • Disk space is getting full?
  • Internet becomes too slow or not working?
  • You frequently send the computer to the shop for the format? But after a few months the problem?
All in savage enemy no 1 computer of viruses and spyware

On your computer when new, it runs very fast and smooth. Now after a few months or years, you feel kind of lifeless your computer again. Many users consider the cause of this happening is because the computer is "old". This coupled with the salesperson or shopkeeper comment computer said so simply - because you want to buy a new computer.

Stated that there is NO REASON why a 2 year old computer can not work as quickly when it is new is installed. Computer is not like a car that can be worn and damaged components and become less efficient operation. In the computer system, except the hard drive and fan no other moving components. So said the cause of the computer becomes slow is because it is long only after several months or a year or two of use is not true at all!

So what is the cause of the computer problem as above? The answer is virus and spyware. Viruses and spyware are two kinds of malicious software that slows down your computer and damaging way. In the category of virus and spyware also includes software that often we hear as worms and trojans. All software - this software is the main cause why your computer to experience all the problems listed above.

But the good news is that these problems can be overcome. Many consumers are deceived by "advice" computer retailers that one - the only way to solve this problem is format the computer. Worse, there are those who ingested "advice" shopkeepers and change or "upgrade" to the new hard disk costs hundreds of dollars. As a result the computer running smoothly for several months. After the computer started to slow back and do things again. Finally, many users will feel tired of ending their computer problems and mengambaikan their computer or use in adverse conditions.

Actually you do not need to spend big or bother to use a computer at half capacity. By adopting a step - step right care and disinfection, you can return your computer's performance to the situation to normalcy. No need to format. No need to upgrade. No need to spend hundreds of dollars to do so. Virus and Spyware Eradication course teaches all you need to know about viruses and spyware - enemy number one computer. You will learn to recognize the difference in each of these pathogens and how they attack your computer. You also learn how to eradicate all the enemies - enemies of this from your computer. Expertise will you earn you can use to keep your computer in good condition always. The result is that you will enjoy the computing experience far more fulfilling, enjoyable and productive. You will be able to use computer systems for a long time to complete the task down. You no longer need to struggle with a variety of computer problems. You'll also find no need to send the computer to the store again just - eye for formatting or upgrading (upgrade). You will save hundreds of dollars that can be used for other purposes.

Tip Protect Your Password

Commonly passwords used to access the information and services on the web. There are many passwords you have to remember, therefore, you may choose a password that is easy to remember and even wrote it in a place that can be seen of men.

Here are some tips for you to protect your password and to build a strong password:

* Do not share your password in the Internet, through e-mail or the phone. No one will ask for your password sent to them. Be careful if anyone asks.

* Use passwords that have at least eight characters, including a combination of numbers and symbols.

* Avoid common words or phrases. Hackers can use programs that try every word in the dictionary.

* Do not use your personal information or any words or phrases that are relevant to you.

* You should always change your password regularly. Every 3 months at least.

* You need to use a different password on each account you access.

* A way to create a strong password is to get a phrase that you can remember and take the first letter of each word as your password, change the character that you can remember. For example, "Everyone knows the sun sets at dawn" would be "e1ktss@d".

Ways to Avoid Internet Addiction

Does the presence of information technology and the internet in this world has made some classes of individuals suffering from a disease or disorder known as internet addiction (internet addiction disorder) or computer addiction? Is it a new disease, which was previously not in medical terms? Or could it be a disorder that is already present in the individual involved, just as drug addiction and alcoholism, but it was caused by a computer and the internet? Have a computer or internet can also cause addiction?

This is an aspect that should be taken even more so many reports and studies do recognize there are individuals suffering from addiction to computers and the internet. What is internet addiction? The question that is very hard to answer but need to be answered based on solid facts and research. Is Internet addiction or computer addiction is different from other addictions such as drug addiction, alcohol, cigarettes and so on? And what is the impact of internet addiction? Should be considered.

World of computing, information technology and the Internet also can certainly make a person become addicted. Why? This is because they are all able to treat all kinds of diidami needs of each individual, the needs of the sexual instinct, mental, emotional and intellectual until the spiritual. They like to their friends and colleagues. In fact there are individuals who consider computers and the internet as part of themselves and their lives and they will be afflicted restless longing and despondent if they do not have the opportunity?? Entertain friends?? them. A study conducted by found there are five categories of ingredients high risk cyber world addictive as follows:

1. Cyber ​​Sex Addiction: tend to visit their website porn, sex-related chat room etc.

2. Cyber ​​relationship addiction: a strong desire to get in touch either by email, chat, discussion, etc.

3. Addiction Information: susceptibility to the web sites oriented current affairs, information and database search

4. Computer Addiction: influenced by computing technology equipment, specs and chip cards, sound system, etc.

5. Computer game addiction: simple default due obsessed playing computer games until the hard stop

Actually to identify whether the use of computers and the Internet causes addiction or vice versa depending on the manner and context as well as the requirements inherent in an individual. In addition, the following should also be kept in view to assess the level of dependence on computers and the internet can be addictive:

1. Spend more time at the computer than usual or exceed the requirements for the proper use

2. Time to surf the Internet is increasing and affecting role as individuals, students, or employees and also affect the level of productivity and well-being of ordinary

3. Feel less confident or failed to ward off the influence of the internet

4. The less attention to health care and proper division of time compared to normal

5. Depression appeared angry, frustrated and sad that relates directly to the computer and the internet and start isolating themselves from society

6. Exists feel bored or excessive worry and anxiety if not surf the internet for a certain period

7. Internet use resulting in anger or harassment of another person such as a parent, husband or wife and can cause friction.

Someone who is addicted to the internet and computer failed to focus on the good of life analyzed as usual. Normal individual lives intertwined when it can maintain its role as a normal human, creating good relationships and maintain optimal health. For those who have this addiction, role and relationship with other individuals within the affected her life. To prevent this from happening, the following steps can revisit strategy is given:

1. Set objectives and goals before surfing the web or using a computer to identify the purposes of their use

2. Set browsing certain web sites and the need, or just to meet the requirements needed in order not to exceed the limits and to avoid unnecessary browsing

3. Restrict or set period required when using the computer and when browsing cyberspace to avoid wasting time

4. Divide the appropriate time between life in cyberspace and in the real life so there is a balance

5. Make the cyberspace and the internet as a source of knowledge to enhance the role of being a perfect human being and to increase the skills needed in life


Information technology and the internet certainly has a tremendous impact on people's lives. In the aspect of individual well-being and its relationship with information technology, there is a mutual influence response ama influence one another. Given the close correlation between people and information technology, no wonder there are among those who drowned in the cyber world, as well as those who use the internet as a means to achieve personal pleasure alone. Only those who are able to create a balance between the internet and real life activities that promote well-being only in the course of their lives for the good of mankind.

Website To Download Software

With the increasingly fast Internet connection now, we do not need to keep software USB drive. Now if we want to install the program, we only need to surf the web only to download important software. Here are the three most web sites on this visit for the purpose of:
Different from other sites that try to offer as much software as possible; only provide few, but of the best quality. Usually I come here to get the most basic software such as Adobe Reader is required Windows, antivirus, and codec. website design is also very neat and organized, easy for me to get what I want. is for Windows only.

AlternativeTo is a very unique concept. I'm here to find if there is software that is better than what I use now. For example, right now I use FastSone Capture, so I want to know if any sofware for better screenshots.

Users can vote for their favorite software, so you can know which software is more popular, where, usually it is also nice.

Softpedia offers the most extensive selection of software, I always use it to explore and try new software.

Compared to other download sites (like or Major Geeks), Softpedia has a lot of options, which allow you to filter the interface category, as well as a fast server.

Tips Choosing a Domain Name

Choosing a domain name can sometimes make almost all web owners confused. Unlike templates and web design, first thing before the website was created is to choose a domain name for it to be permanent and irreversible. Characteristics of a good domain name is:

1) Nice to heard
2) Easy spelled
3) Easy to remember
4) Unique
5) Has the meaning
6) Reflects the type of website

Guide to Choosing a Domain Name

Choose a unique name but tasty heard, appropriate and easy to pronounce. Not necessarily unique weird and should have a positive meaning. Avoid choosing a name that contains a bad meaning. Alternatively select a domain name that has a meaning associated with the content of the website.

Before you choose a name for your website, preferably in advance for consideration and determine the right domain name for your website.

For business websites, write the full name of your business and make sure your domain name short, simple and easy to remember. Also list the names possibility to use (eg,

For the personal website, choose a domain name use the full name or nickname.

Use the Whois utility, type the name of your choice to find out whether they are registered or not. If your name has been registered, your name can not be used again. However, you can check the expiration date through Whois information. If it has expired, the domain name will be released from the registry and you can register as a new owner.

Using Internet With Safety

There are many ways to set the security features when using the internet as to encrypt e-mail, file sharing and install shut firewall. These can shake any attempt to smuggle into your personal information on the Internet. Usually invaders do to try to get other access to computers linked to you. You can remove any of your web browsing burden others know where you've gone in the net.

You can hide your PC and you do not want others to know you have sailed on the internet. The reason is to prevent your secrets uncovered eg family vacation plans. Or you also store important information that is assigned to your company.

Here are some tips for Internet Explorer  you will find some similarities with Netscape, Opera, or other versions of browser. 

Do not list yourself

Once you surf the internet and if you will leave your PC for a while make sure that you have decided your web browser to your browsing history before. IE History list is a list of websites you have visited. It is an easy method to recover the website you will ever visit without using Favorites. You can find pages you visited before and History through the Address Bar will list the URLs you've visited.

File History is a two-pronged weapon. Click Tools, Internet Options, and Clear History to remove the list of websites you have visited. This way, we will remove the list of URLs in Address Bar. You can change the number of days or the period of the URL can be stored in History. Reduce the number of days to shorten the life of the URL and increase the number of days to prolong the lifespan of the URL.

If you want to read the History file, click Start, Find, and Files Or Folders. Type in the History of the Named field. In the Look In, click Local Hard Drives. Click Find Now. You will be able to find a file History file in C: \ WINDOWS \ HISTORY. Remove certain parts in this folder Ye will remove any information contained on the Address Bar.

Another good way is to remove the IE cache or Temporary Internet files. IE and other browsers will retain a copy of pages, photos and graphics in the following folder C: \ WINDOWS \ Temporary Internet Files while you browse the web. If you do not it will copy all the contents of the websites you've visited or every time you kungjungi. In the Internet Options General tab, click Delete Files and OK.

Clean up your tracks

Most sites put small files called cookies to your PC. Cookies usually help the website to remember you and any of your personal specifications when you browse certain websites. Anyone can find any information or your web browsing history if they go to C: \ WINDOWS \ COOKIES or C: \ WINDOWS \ Temporary Internet Files.

You can remove any cookies from your folder one by one. An easier way is to close the space for the cookies when you surf the web. In Internet Options, select Security and Custom Level, go to Cookies and click Disable in all related cookies.

These tips are for home users only. If you are using a computer in the office make sure that your network has a good network policy. Now with various threats from the outside world as the internet, companies must ensure that their network safe and not viral

Easy Way Find Specific Information Using Google

You want to find specific information in a website. For example here, you want to look for tips only in As we all know a website containing lots of information and to save our time, this method can be tried.

The trick is to type in laptop tips site: on google search engine, information that will be displayed is limited to articles related to the tips only.

This method can also be used in the search engine yahoo or any search engine you are using

Maximize Font On Website

You have difficulty looking at small font in a website? Now your problem definitely solved by using the web browser Mozilla Firefox. The latest version allows you to enlarge the website which will being visited by pressing a key on the keyboard. To enlarge, you only need to press [CTRL] + [+] and to minimize it by pressing [CTRL] + [-]

This way can also be used for other browsers

Test Your Internet Speed ​​Line

To broadband users and fixline (Streamyx / Unifi), have you check the status of your internet line speed. Here I want to share a special website for us to check our internet line speed. It is important for us to test ur internet speed. Not what we takut2 fooled by packages that we already subscribe to that.

Examples of download speed that you select in the package is 1MB if you check the website you will find the actual download speed that is less than 1MB all, but do not worry its not you cheated because even though we select tu yg package is 1MB, speed will we get on most of the time that can not be filled.

This all depends on the time we use the internet. Try to check the speed during the day and night. You'll find the speed you get is not the same self which, in the evening you will be able to access more than one day ..

Let's check the speed INTERNET here

Automatically Turn Off The Monitor While Continuing Download

For those who love to download movies or any file from the internet, you can let the computer is on at night to download movies / files using additional applications to download files. But the glare of the monitor is not good for health

So you can set so that the monitor automatically deleted and let the download progress.
To make this setting, open the Control Panel and look for "Edit power plan". Or if you are using a laptop you can click on the battery icon on the Taskbar, and select "Power Options", then select "Change plan settings".

In the next window, change the settings to suit. As in the example that I set up, I set the "Turn off the display" to 5 minutes. Make sure the "Put the computer to sleep" placed on the 'Never' because you still want to let the download progress.

E-Mail Junk Or Spam

One of the Internet material that can enter the computer is unsolicited junk email or spam. Users may be aware of this junk email may include an offer 'interesting', such as insurance, discount products, and other materials that have never thought of. Although, this activity is difficult to be eliminated, but can still be prevented interference with the following steps:

1. Respond to junk email, enabling advertisers to know that you are the main target of junk email more. Advertisers who send spam in text format no way to know whether the recipient to open and read their messages or otherwise, except their own to respond. When an HTML message is opened, the message from the server code pebghantar attract spam, so mark your email address as active.

2. Even more security, delete junk messages in the in-box without opening it. If Outlook, Outlook Express, or Netscape use, turn off the preview pane ', so that spam code HTML is not pulled when the message is opened. To reactivate it in Outlook, go to the View menu and click the Preview Pane. In Outlook Express, select View, Layout, and do not check Show Preview Pane. In Netscape, click the arrow on the pane and the preview of disappearing.

3. Use several e-mail addresses can release from the main in-box spam. Some ISPs provide between 5 to 7 e-mail accounts, as well as e-mail service free of charge on the Web. Users can register additional addresses in the base, then direct e-mail program that shifts accept e-mails in all accounts simultaneously. If additional email ISP does not want to go to waste, use free Web-based account such as Hotmail or Yahoo!

4. Ownership can release additional address the primary address (checked several times each day, is used for important and almost free message spam). Make it exclusive, secret, known only to the people (friends, partners, and family members). Do not provide your e-mail address in the main Web site, the survey forms, database, or chat rooms. If your primary address is used only for personal and business potential fall into the hands of other people is very small.

5. Sometimes consumers can curb the threat of spam e-mail address if they use a combination of letters and numbers, such as "" Adding the numbers on the address may cause difficult spammers guess combination with the commonly used name. In fact, e-mail services such as Hotmail and Yahoo! allow you to choose your e-mail in-box to enter it manually in an effort to curb the influx of spam.

6. If you are too late to take steps to protect the primary e-mail address and it continues to be exposed to the threat of spam, it is better to register a new account. Then, you tell your friends and do not disclose it to others. Although the process of exchanging e-mail address is a bit complicate, but the difficulty of this change is temporary. In fact, the new address is usually provided in-box space more organized and enough space for an important message.

7. Prepare also address 'specific' to 'lure spam attack' and alternatives to protect your main address. Use this alternative address when you register at any Web site, enter chat rooms, or posting messages to the discussion list or newsgroup. Although this alternative address provided to junk email, but it should be checked occasionally to delete all spam and ensuring e-mail account is always active.

8. If the spam accounts utilized, you can check and see the main account several times a day, while spam may account only once a week. Despite this, the third e-mail address may also be required if the online shopping or subscribe to a newsletter via e-mail. This letter can be stored in the box other than personal email and business. Programs such as Outlook can be set to file the e-mail automatically according to specified address.

9. You can organize e-mail from your shopping and newsletters into a folder, and mailing of spam accounts into other folders. After that, let the remaining e-mail into the in-box. Check or ignore other folders at your convenience. If you only have one email address, message filtering can still be made. For example, e-mail programs such as Outlook and Hotmail can be set to receive a specific address and prevent other address (like spam).

10. Point your e-mail software to automatically delete certain address, or file the e-mail address was not set automatically. E-mail software can also e-mail file automatically into the spam folder if the subject is no word such as 'get rich quick scheme'. In addition, software such as Outlook 2002 can color code messages in the in-box of suspected spam. So, the scanning process can be accelerated and the deletion process is also easy.

Surf the Internet With Privacy

Did you know that web browsers (web browser) such as the latest version of Mozilla Firefox and MS Internet Explorer allows us to surf the Internet without leaving a trail, whether history, cache, and cookies?

Mozilla Firefox latest version
More information visit

Sometimes it's nice to go undercover. When this feature is enabled, you will not leave a single browsing fingerprint behind for others to Discover. You're free to slip in and out of private browsing mode QUICKLY, so it's easy to return to what you were doing BEFORE as if nothing ever happened (you're free to browse privately also rates all the time).

Follow STEP 2 below.
1) start a private browsing session

2) confirm

3) confirm if you are visiting any website in normal mode

4) private browsing session

5) visit any website as usual, including the use of search engines

6) end private browsing session
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