Tips Choosing a Domain Name

Choosing a domain name can sometimes make almost all web owners confused. Unlike templates and web design, first thing before the website was created is to choose a domain name for it to be permanent and irreversible. Characteristics of a good domain name is:

1) Nice to heard
2) Easy spelled
3) Easy to remember
4) Unique
5) Has the meaning
6) Reflects the type of website

Guide to Choosing a Domain Name

Choose a unique name but tasty heard, appropriate and easy to pronounce. Not necessarily unique weird and should have a positive meaning. Avoid choosing a name that contains a bad meaning. Alternatively select a domain name that has a meaning associated with the content of the website.

Before you choose a name for your website, preferably in advance for consideration and determine the right domain name for your website.

For business websites, write the full name of your business and make sure your domain name short, simple and easy to remember. Also list the names possibility to use (eg,

For the personal website, choose a domain name use the full name or nickname.

Use the Whois utility, type the name of your choice to find out whether they are registered or not. If your name has been registered, your name can not be used again. However, you can check the expiration date through Whois information. If it has expired, the domain name will be released from the registry and you can register as a new owner.

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