Ways to Avoid Internet Addiction

Does the presence of information technology and the internet in this world has made some classes of individuals suffering from a disease or disorder known as internet addiction (internet addiction disorder) or computer addiction? Is it a new disease, which was previously not in medical terms? Or could it be a disorder that is already present in the individual involved, just as drug addiction and alcoholism, but it was caused by a computer and the internet? Have a computer or internet can also cause addiction?

This is an aspect that should be taken even more so many reports and studies do recognize there are individuals suffering from addiction to computers and the internet. What is internet addiction? The question that is very hard to answer but need to be answered based on solid facts and research. Is Internet addiction or computer addiction is different from other addictions such as drug addiction, alcohol, cigarettes and so on? And what is the impact of internet addiction? Should be considered.

World of computing, information technology and the Internet also can certainly make a person become addicted. Why? This is because they are all able to treat all kinds of diidami needs of each individual, the needs of the sexual instinct, mental, emotional and intellectual until the spiritual. They like to their friends and colleagues. In fact there are individuals who consider computers and the internet as part of themselves and their lives and they will be afflicted restless longing and despondent if they do not have the opportunity?? Entertain friends?? them. A study conducted by Netaddiction.com found there are five categories of ingredients high risk cyber world addictive as follows:

1. Cyber ​​Sex Addiction: tend to visit their website porn, sex-related chat room etc.

2. Cyber ​​relationship addiction: a strong desire to get in touch either by email, chat, discussion, etc.

3. Addiction Information: susceptibility to the web sites oriented current affairs, information and database search

4. Computer Addiction: influenced by computing technology equipment, specs and chip cards, sound system, etc.

5. Computer game addiction: simple default due obsessed playing computer games until the hard stop

Actually to identify whether the use of computers and the Internet causes addiction or vice versa depending on the manner and context as well as the requirements inherent in an individual. In addition, the following should also be kept in view to assess the level of dependence on computers and the internet can be addictive:

1. Spend more time at the computer than usual or exceed the requirements for the proper use

2. Time to surf the Internet is increasing and affecting role as individuals, students, or employees and also affect the level of productivity and well-being of ordinary

3. Feel less confident or failed to ward off the influence of the internet

4. The less attention to health care and proper division of time compared to normal

5. Depression appeared angry, frustrated and sad that relates directly to the computer and the internet and start isolating themselves from society

6. Exists feel bored or excessive worry and anxiety if not surf the internet for a certain period

7. Internet use resulting in anger or harassment of another person such as a parent, husband or wife and can cause friction.

Someone who is addicted to the internet and computer failed to focus on the good of life analyzed as usual. Normal individual lives intertwined when it can maintain its role as a normal human, creating good relationships and maintain optimal health. For those who have this addiction, role and relationship with other individuals within the affected her life. To prevent this from happening, the following steps can revisit strategy is given:

1. Set objectives and goals before surfing the web or using a computer to identify the purposes of their use

2. Set browsing certain web sites and the need, or just to meet the requirements needed in order not to exceed the limits and to avoid unnecessary browsing

3. Restrict or set period required when using the computer and when browsing cyberspace to avoid wasting time

4. Divide the appropriate time between life in cyberspace and in the real life so there is a balance

5. Make the cyberspace and the internet as a source of knowledge to enhance the role of being a perfect human being and to increase the skills needed in life


Information technology and the internet certainly has a tremendous impact on people's lives. In the aspect of individual well-being and its relationship with information technology, there is a mutual influence response ama influence one another. Given the close correlation between people and information technology, no wonder there are among those who drowned in the cyber world, as well as those who use the internet as a means to achieve personal pleasure alone. Only those who are able to create a balance between the internet and real life activities that promote well-being only in the course of their lives for the good of mankind.
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