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What You Can Do To Repair Hardware Problems

If you suspect that damage is caused by hardware (hardware) to do the following:

Make sure hardware is connected to the computer correctly. Updated all source connections.
  • Make sure all electrical source connected to the hardware correctly.
  • Ensure that the hardware is installed (On)
  • Make sure the hardware is plugged into the correct port.
  • Make sure that both ends of the cable should be connected to the hardware.

NOTE - when you install the computer should have the fan noise, the cooling fan power supply (Power suply fan) and micropemproses cooling fan (CPU fan). If the fan does not work, the computer silent when you install this will cause the computer to overheat and hardware failure. Computer from the latest models to produce a lot of heat. If the fan is installed but the computer is still hot, probably not even close to the CPU fan micropemproses. Repair Position the fan so that it works effectively.

laptops have internal fans. however, it may still be hot. If this happens, your laptop will probably fail. Install a cooling pad to reduce the temperature of your laptop.

Finding Drivers For Your Computer On The Internet

The main thing you need to find the driver was the name of the hardware model. For example, the name of my model graphic card is NVIDIA GeForce FX 5200. So, what I need to do is type "NVIDIA GeForce FX 5200" on the Google website. To be more specific, I type in "download driver NVIDIA GeForce FX 5200". Google will display the search results, and this is what will link I click to find the driver.

If your PC or laptop brands (Dell, Compaq, HP, or Acer for example), you can continue to type the name of the model PC / laptop is. Usually these names are glued together PC / laptop.

Another way to find out the name of your hardware model is to use the software. This way is easier because you do not have terbelek looking at a PC or laptop to find the drivers name. Just use this software and it will display the names of all hardware components in your computer in detail. Examples of this kind of software is Everest and PC Wizard.

No Sound Start In Windows

Have you ever had was using the computer, suddenly the audio system on the PC does not work. When attempting to open the Volume Control from the Start Menu, the following error will appear:
  • There are no active mixer devices available.
  • To install mixer devices, go to Control Panel, click Printers and Other Hardware, and then click Add Hardware.
  • This program will now close.

What you need to do is, copy this error and find information about it on the Internet. How to do simple:
  • Click on the Start Menu> Run and type "services.msc". press Enter
  • In the list that appears, find the Windows Audio. Right-click on Windows Audio and click Start.
  • If it still does not sound out also, check device manager there may be an error on the sound card. try to reinstall the drivers.

The Problem That Often Occurs In The Printer

1) Not Printing.
Cause: The tape found on the printer or ribbon movements can not be turned around.

Solution: You need to check the position of the tape printer, if no problem, make sure the ribbon moves normal movements of the head when it is turned to the left and to the right.

2) Paper Not Logged In Printer.
Cause: possible sensors (sensors) are not able to read the paper or roller presence does not work you probably broken roller on pengeraknya eyes.

Solution: Clean the sensor and roller / if you break the eye roller pengeraknya, you should do a little modifty so that the tip of the eye movements on the roller.

3) Print truncated / Not Perfect.
Cause: needle on the head printer (print head) dirty or clogged because you rarely use the printer, the ink cartridges are available in hard.

Solution: Go to the printer and check the pin point which is on the front side if you check the hole or strip the head if the printer breaks,

You can also try dipping into your printer / cartridges you into hot water (warning: do not soak only half full, so that eye contact with the printer under hot water, which will dilute the harsh ink.
If all you have done the above solution, the result is still the same meal, preferably you change the printer head / new cartridges.

4) When printing is done, your printer head discursive / print caper.
Cause: it was caused not smoothly printer head movement to the left and to the right / or metal rails you do not tense.

Solution: Clean the metal rails using the liquid, wipe with a dry or rail Matel sure you tense, which functions moving metal rail head printer / cartridge during printing process occurs.

5) Print Laser / your photo state machine striped.
Cause: Drum dirty, probably because of the frequency of use of machines and due to the way users draw paper hanging.

Solution: Try to clean the dirt found on the drum if not successful, you need a new switch.
Note: Some drum affixed to one with toner, so you need to change a new toner, if the drum is problematic.

Weird Sound on Computer Startup

Normally the computer will make a sound when it is turned on. Sound is produced because there is a fan in the power supply unit (power supply unit). The fan used to cool the power supply. Noise is also produced from the fan used to cool the processor. Usually both sound will be heard as long as you install the computer.

When you install a computer, hard drive will spin. It will also produce sound but the sound is not continuous. Computers will also be out a "beep" once. These markings start with a good computer. this beep sound if prolonged or repeated, it's a sign you have suffered computer hardware and does not work well.

If you want noise can be reduced tu la install the washer on the screw that fasten the fan or hard disk in the computer casing. Just cut only. want to lose sound without doubt no. Another way, open the computer casing and clean the dust that is in the computer. Make sure there is no hair stuck in a fan. Dust and hair may interfere and remove the fan spin loud noise.

If you put the computer on the table, do not forget to put the rubber base to absorb vibration and reduce noise being diverted to the computer table.

Tips On Taking Care Of Your Laptop Battery

1) If your battery is new - Make sure your battery is completely empty when you first use it.

2) Then, NO 'on' the laptop, the battery charge for eight (8) hours. If 'indicator on the laptop says the battery is full, continue charge up to eight (8) hours. Remember! Never once 'on' the laptop!

3) After eight (8) hours, unplug the charger / adapter from the laptop. And to ONLY use batteries, use the laptop until the battery is almost depleted. This will set how much power can be stored in the battery

4) After this, you can charge it as usual until the indicator shows that the battery is full

Habits to Avoid

1) Avoid always charge the battery-A laptop battery has a life span of about 300 to 500 rounds charge. Unplug the charger, use battery power and then use the charger back is a round. It is advisable that you do not use battery power until completely exhausted. Leave at least 5% of the power available. It is better if you use the battery for an hour and then charge a full refund (this is calculated per round), instead of 10 minutes and recharge the battery back 5 minutes (this is calculated per cycle)

2) Make sure your batteries run out of power every 30 pusingan.Kemudian fully recharge. This will help set the pace battery power

3) If you do not want to use the battery for more than 3 weeks, make sure you keep at least 50% of the power in the battery.
If you leave with full power, the battery will swell and can save a lot of power if you do not keep direct power, feared the battery is not rechargeable.

4) Avoid heat, heat can reduce the storage capacity of the battery. Do not use the laptop on a surface that trap heat like the fabric, cushions, leather sofa, your thighs, blankets and more. Use a notebook cooling pad and make sure the surface you are using does not have dust.

5) Avoid over-charging (overcharging) - Overcharging will cause heat and reduce the quality of the battery. Unplug the charger when the 'indicator' already indicates that the battery is full.

The Term "Upgrade" and "Update" For Computer

Upgrade and Update term often heard when IT matters - especially software - are discussed. Yet too many users assume that both terms refer to the same thing. This is a mistake.

Upgrade and Update are not the same. Here I will briefly explain the difference between these terms.

Quite simply upgrade occurs when overall the software is replaced. When a software upgrade, it is normal it undergoes changes to the name. For example is Windows Vista Upgrade to Windows Xp. Change in name also overshadowed by a change in the version number of the software. For example Windows Xp version number is 500 while the number of versions of Windows Vista is 600 and the number of versions of Windows 7 - which is the Upgrade to Vista - is 700.

When a software - upgrades, major changes often occur also in shape persian. Application procedures may also experience changes. So the upgrade is a major change in the software.

Update was not drastic. Update occurs when the software improved without changing the look of its functions and dramatically. A most popular way of software updates is through the installation of Service Pack. Service Pack contains additional components and overhaul that makes the existing software more stable, fast and efficient. When the Service Pack is installed, the software name unchanged. But the software version number may change slightly. For example see the number - the version number of Windows Vista follows: -

Windows Vista Original = 600
Windows Vista Service Pack 1 = 601
Windows Vista Service Pack 2 = 602

So too is the case with the version of Windows or other software. For example Windows Xp Service Pack 3 (often written as WinXP SP3) is an update to WinXP SP2 and beyond.

It is recommended you install the Service Pack your software every time it is launched. Service Pack often free and can be downloaded directly from the software manufacturer's website. Some software can update the software via the Update button. Some need to check for updates automatically and download and install it automatically. Each manufacturer uses different implementations to maintain the integrity of their software products.

Update may be considered as you do on your car modified to make it more beautiful, fast, sophisticated, stylish and so forth. But when you're bored with your car, you are going to "upgrade" or change to a new car.

Test Your Computer Keyboard

The keyboard is one of the tools we have always adopted when using the computer.
Here I provide some way to test if your keyboard is really reliable or not.
You just have to type the word

"The quick brown fox Jumps over the lazy dog"

but in the following ways:

1. Open your notepad.
2. Press and hold the left shift key and right shift.
3. Type the word "the quick brown fox Jumps over the lazy dog". (Remember the left shift key and right shift not off).
4. See if writing out complete accordance with the words above or there are missing letters.
5. The more letters that do not come out, the worse the quality of your keyboard.

Why should write the words "the quick brown fox Jumps over the lazy dog"?
Because of these words is a word that contains all the letters in the alphabet that are commonly used to test typewriters and computer keyboards, and in other applications that involve all the letters in the English alphabet

Best of luck!!!

Learn Performance Personal Computer Hardware & Software

Users who truly cares, may be interested to know the performance of the hardware and software of personal computer (PC) with depth. Undoubtedly, the Windows operating system is capable of providing specific information through the facility. However, this is woefully inadequate. So, the use of several benchmark software and PC information like this can help.

1. HWiNFO ( Hardware Info or simply HWiNFO is a powerful system information utility and produced to detect hardware. Shareware software is said to be able to identify a large scale of system components and supports the latest technologies and standards. This equipment is updated from time to time (usually once a month, according to the manufacturer) to provide the most accurate results.

2. Dr. Hardware ( Since 1994, this shareware is the most advanced system information programs on the market. It was built for the average consumer and professional both desktop and notebook PCs. In addition to data collection system and have normal function, more sophisticated tests like hardware sensor, and network analysis are also available. Now, it is equipped with 7 benchmark tests and supports Windows 95/98/Me/NT4/2000/2003 and XP.

3. PC Surgeon 3:01 ( The software can diagnose, monitor and repair Windows XP platform. It provides 65 functions including inspection systems, medical monitoring system, the functions of the overhaul, inspection Windows, folders inspection, examination-Web, and network inspection. In addition, shareware software can also provide reports and capable of converting data into HTML format, Excel and XML.

4. PC Wizard 2004 ( This powerful utility designed especially for detection of hardware and analyzed. It is able to identify a large scale of system components and supports the latest technologies and standards. Besides updated every month, this free software can analyze and benchmark computer system hardware. Among them the level of performance CPU, cache, RAM, hard disk, CD / DVD-ROMs, and removable media / flash.

5. 3DMark03 ( free software based platform is DirectX 9.0 3D graphics performance benchmarking and video. It features advanced gaming technology for high-level users. DIAGNOSED tool involves four main test game: flight simulation, first person shooters, RPG and natural test. Latest features include tests CPU, 3D sound, a real-time physics model and advanced functions online.

6. AIDA32 ( Program information systems, diagnostic, and benchmarking professional supports Windows platform. It collects detailed data of all components of the PC. It can display information on the screen, print it, or save them in various formats like HTML, CSV or XML. For corporate users, this free utility offers statistical functions such as network management, and remote system information.

7. PCMark2002 ( Software benchmark various purposes is suitable for all types of PC benchmarking, including laptops and workstations, as well as support various versions of Windows. Besides being free, the series of tests that represent common tasks in home and office programs are also available. For example, you can test the CPU, memory, hard drive, system software and the results are compared with other computers through the Internet.

8. MetaBench ( free benchmark program provides over 55 different tests to benchmark high-level system. These benchmarks are designed carefully and take into account the latest CPU and system architecture. It provides two types of benchmarks: synthetic and practical. Sintetiknya tests measure the actual difference of component performance. Practical test involves algebraic difference used different software.

9. Sandra 2004 ( Utility and diagnostic information can provide most of the necessary information about hardware, software, and other devices - whether hardware or software. It is reflective of the actual situation the system for comparison. Information provided includes the CPU, chipset, video adapter, ports, printers, sound card, memory, network, internal Windows, AGP, USB2, Firewire, and others.

10. WinTasks 4 ( software gives savvy computer user comprehensive control of all operating processes, thus making advanced resource management, troubleshooting, and optimization much easier. Popular shareware software also provides interesting features such as CPU and memory usage graphs per process, details of the process, and built-in scripting language.

Cause Hard Disk Damaged

If you have a problem where suddenly your computer hangs, usually we will reset the computer or right off the computer and restart. Computer reset action repeatedly may cause hard disk bad sectors and faulty experience.

Discover the reason why computer hangs and overcoming them so that your hard disk last longer. If the motherboard has a built-in sound but you do not use it, you can disable it through the BIOS. This can speed up the operation of your computer.

If you see the light bulb in your computer blinks fast when you do the work, this marks the memory of your computer. Blinking indicates activity on the hard drive occurs because the memory is not enough to cover all or her there. It may be reasonable to add a memory.

Saving The Usage Of Laptop Battery

*** If the computer is not used for an extended period, put it in standby mode or standby. Standby mode will ensure the current data stored in RAM with minimal power consumption.

*** Adding temporary memory or RAM your computer will save battery power because it will reduce dependence on the operating system virtual memory swap on your hard disk.

*** Set the brightness of your LCD screen as low as possible but comfortable on your eyes. Getting brighter display screen, the more battery power is used.

*** Avoid charging the battery and at the same time operate the computer using your AC adapter. As far as possible, charge the computer when not in use. This allows the power supply can be channeled properly without interruption.

Occasionally *** clean the battery connections (golden colored) to ensure it is free of dust. You can use some alcohol and wipe with a cloth to clean the battery.

Deactivate *** function or feature is not used on your laptop. For example, remove the optical disc (CD / DVD) from the drivers when not in use. CD / DVD drive will attempt to read the media in it and it uses more battery power.

Disconnect the cable *** additional hardware such as printers, scanners or other digital gadgets from your computer because it will consume power even when not in use.

*** Stop auto search wifi and bluetooth when not needed. If you do not use it at all, turn off all these functions and thus you can make more power savings.

Some of Ways Getting Hard Disk Recovery

Often if your hard drive can not be used, you go on to say that your hard disk has been damaged 100%. Actually there are still efforts that can be done to save your hard drive before disposing it in the trash.

Hard drive recovery techniques

Follow these tips below all of which have been proven effective. Methods and techniques described are the disk condition was completely paralyzed. In short there is no other way that can be done other than throw it.

freezing technique

The technique I learned when a computer technician, when facing problems such as "data-read error", the solution is to freeze the hard drive overnight. This makes it increasingly unable to read data, but only temporarily. If the data is critical, you need to change the hard disk directly (especially drive failure).

The trick is to wrap the hard drive with a waterproof plastic bag, place it in the refrigerator for about an hour and continue to pray.
Then remove it from the refrigerator and continue to connect the computer and turn on the PC and doing data transfer with as soon as possible before the hard disk temperature is increased.

stamping technique

Among the main reasons why a hard drive difficult to rotate (spin) is because the head (head) was attached to the plate (platter). As a last resort, tapping on a hard drive in a hard place (floor) up to 8 inches by one blow. God willing, it is inevitable 90% of problems can be solved.

Restart Windows When Mouse Fail Works

Sometimes when there is a glitch in the windows, the mouse was not working. you have to use the keyboard to restart windows. do this:

Win key or Ctrl + Esc to start the Start menu.
After that press U to select the Shutdown command. (For windows xp) or use the right arrow key (for Windows 7).
use the arrow keys up / down to select the Restart.
press the enter key to continue.
if you have not saved the document file is opened, Windows will remove the instructions for your first save. press the Enter key to save the file unsaved document.
sometimes when restarting, the computer take too long to work again. To make sure windows is repairing itself, see the hard disk indicator light. if the flashing lights mean the computer still works and if does not go on or stay on, most likely your computer has hang.

You have to be patient because when Restart your computer may take longer than usual due to windows trying to find the problem and fix itself.

DVD / CD ROM Drive or DVD

Ever have trouble CD / DVD can not be read? there is some possibility of this happening. Among them is a CD / DVD has severe scratches, CD / DVD Drive is not in the windows system, CD / DVD drive is dirty, and CD / DVD drives that have been damaged. Before deciding to convert CD / DVD drive the first try this step likely CD / DVD dirve undamaged Cuba actually try test CD / DVD that you want to open it on your PC / Laptop to another. (Which is believed to have no problem apa2 to read CD / DVD tu) If you can read means it CD / DVD drive problems. But do not worry, you can try to clean the CD / DVD drive with a CD Drive Cleaner tu (cd / dvd special for clean and laser lens cleaning liquid) is usually auto run cd and can also be used for your DVD player. if still problem then you can decide to change the CD / DVD drive is.

Nothing to lose and if buying this CD drive cleaner because not only used to clean the cd / dvd drive PC / Laptop only, but can also be used to vcd / dvd player & apa2 electrical appliances also use CD / DVD. To your knowledge, cd / dvd drive ni also exposed to the dust we are not aware of. Similarly other electrical equipment. preferably cd / dvd drive ni we wash once a month. This is how prevention of damage from happening. In no circumstances should prevent the right is better than cure. :-)

Optimize Use Your Pendrive!

You thought pendrive merely used to store data? Perhaps you never thought a pendrive can be used to:

1) Made the key / lock to lock your PC.

2) You can install software like FireFox, Thunderbird, OpenOffice, AbiWord, Audacity and many more in the pendrive, so you can use the software on any PC that does not have the software.

3) Can be used to store Operating System, which Linux Damn Small Linux), Apple Mac and Windows (Barts, PE).

I will focus on the second function, the software install in pendrive. Please see the list below:
  • Portable NVU Web Editor, an easy-to-use
  • XAMPP - complete package server Apache, mySQL, PHP, phpMyAdmin
  • Sudoku Portable - Puzzle Games
  • GIMP Portable - Editor picture quite sustainable (steady)
  • Portable FileZilla FTP Software
  • FireFTP Extension-To use FireFox
  • Firefox Portable - portable version of FireFox
  • Portable Gaim-Software for chatting
  • Miranda IM Portable - Approximately kind Gaim also
  • Sage Extension-Rss extension for FireFox
  • Portable Thunderbird-style Microsoft Outlook email software
  • Audacity Portable - Software to record and edit songs
  • Portable VLC Media Player - Media Player
  • AbiWord Portable - Word Editor ala Microsoft Word
  • Calendar Extension-Plugin for Firefox and Thunderbird
  • Portable - ala Microsoft Office
  • Portable Sunbird calendar and to-do-Program aka diary
  • Thunderbird Portable (Address Book) - Plug-in for Thunderbird
  • 7-Zip Portable - To compress file ala cam Winzip
  • Portable ClamWin AntiVirus Program
  • PStart-System tray menu launcher

All of the above program is FREE, so preferably use mass .. It is useful if we are out station, and many more things ..
Best of luck!

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