Test Your Internet Speed ​​Line

To broadband users and fixline (Streamyx / Unifi), have you check the status of your internet line speed. Here I want to share a special website for us to check our internet line speed. It is important for us to test ur internet speed. Not what we takut2 fooled by packages that we already subscribe to that.

Examples of download speed that you select in the package is 1MB if you check the website you will find the actual download speed that is less than 1MB all, but do not worry its not you cheated because even though we select tu yg package is 1MB, speed will we get on most of the time that can not be filled.

This all depends on the time we use the internet. Try to check the speed during the day and night. You'll find the speed you get is not the same self which, in the evening you will be able to access more than one day ..

Let's check the speed INTERNET here http://speedtest.net
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