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One of the Internet material that can enter the computer is unsolicited junk email or spam. Users may be aware of this junk email may include an offer 'interesting', such as insurance, discount products, and other materials that have never thought of. Although, this activity is difficult to be eliminated, but can still be prevented interference with the following steps:

1. Respond to junk email, enabling advertisers to know that you are the main target of junk email more. Advertisers who send spam in text format no way to know whether the recipient to open and read their messages or otherwise, except their own to respond. When an HTML message is opened, the message from the server code pebghantar attract spam, so mark your email address as active.

2. Even more security, delete junk messages in the in-box without opening it. If Outlook, Outlook Express, or Netscape use, turn off the preview pane ', so that spam code HTML is not pulled when the message is opened. To reactivate it in Outlook, go to the View menu and click the Preview Pane. In Outlook Express, select View, Layout, and do not check Show Preview Pane. In Netscape, click the arrow on the pane and the preview of disappearing.

3. Use several e-mail addresses can release from the main in-box spam. Some ISPs provide between 5 to 7 e-mail accounts, as well as e-mail service free of charge on the Web. Users can register additional addresses in the base, then direct e-mail program that shifts accept e-mails in all accounts simultaneously. If additional email ISP does not want to go to waste, use free Web-based account such as Hotmail or Yahoo!

4. Ownership can release additional address the primary address (checked several times each day, is used for important and almost free message spam). Make it exclusive, secret, known only to the people (friends, partners, and family members). Do not provide your e-mail address in the main Web site, the survey forms, database, or chat rooms. If your primary address is used only for personal and business potential fall into the hands of other people is very small.

5. Sometimes consumers can curb the threat of spam e-mail address if they use a combination of letters and numbers, such as "yourname@hotmail.com." Adding the numbers on the address may cause difficult spammers guess combination with the commonly used name. In fact, e-mail services such as Hotmail and Yahoo! allow you to choose your e-mail in-box to enter it manually in an effort to curb the influx of spam.

6. If you are too late to take steps to protect the primary e-mail address and it continues to be exposed to the threat of spam, it is better to register a new account. Then, you tell your friends and do not disclose it to others. Although the process of exchanging e-mail address is a bit complicate, but the difficulty of this change is temporary. In fact, the new address is usually provided in-box space more organized and enough space for an important message.

7. Prepare also address 'specific' to 'lure spam attack' and alternatives to protect your main address. Use this alternative address when you register at any Web site, enter chat rooms, or posting messages to the discussion list or newsgroup. Although this alternative address provided to junk email, but it should be checked occasionally to delete all spam and ensuring e-mail account is always active.

8. If the spam accounts utilized, you can check and see the main account several times a day, while spam may account only once a week. Despite this, the third e-mail address may also be required if the online shopping or subscribe to a newsletter via e-mail. This letter can be stored in the box other than personal email and business. Programs such as Outlook can be set to file the e-mail automatically according to specified address.

9. You can organize e-mail from your shopping and newsletters into a folder, and mailing of spam accounts into other folders. After that, let the remaining e-mail into the in-box. Check or ignore other folders at your convenience. If you only have one email address, message filtering can still be made. For example, e-mail programs such as Outlook and Hotmail can be set to receive a specific address and prevent other address (like spam).

10. Point your e-mail software to automatically delete certain address, or file the e-mail address was not set automatically. E-mail software can also e-mail file automatically into the spam folder if the subject is no word such as 'get rich quick scheme'. In addition, software such as Outlook 2002 can color code messages in the in-box of suspected spam. So, the scanning process can be accelerated and the deletion process is also easy.

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