How To Choose A Monitor for Your Computer

Because of the many choices we have now when it comes to computer monitor, choosing a monitor that complements our computer has become a real challenge. Unlike before, when we only have very limited choices and we must choose between two or three types of computer screens only, we are not faced with so many choices that could make our heads reel particularly if we are not really aware of these things. If you are one of those people who are at a loss as to the criteria to follow when choosing a computer monitor, do not worry. It's not really as bad as you think it is. If you can not make up your mind what kind of monitors you want, here are some points to consider for you. 

 Traditional instructors (CTR) v the LCD The computer monitor provides instant feedback by giving you a picture of the text that you type keyboards or image that you created or downloaded on your computer so it is very important that you get a computer screen well so you'll be able to see properly the texts and images on the screen. The traditional monitor, much like that the screen on your computer, using cathode ray tube (CTR). Traditional instructors give you greater viewing angle so you can watch in a much wider compared to most other types of computer monitor. However, this type of monitor comes with a deep image tube which can take up much space. If you have limited space in your work area, this type of screen can be like a pig space and leave little space for your work. If you use a Hewlett-Packard (HP) computer, a traditional monitor will probably look awkward with it. 

Note that home and home office laptops from HP are state of the art equipment so that it would be a good idea to use one of the latest models of computer screens with them. Compared to traditional screens, the display liquid crystal display (LCD) occupies less space. LCD monitors are designed as flat screen monitors that can easily fit into a small area. If you use an HP Pavilion Slimline, this type of screen look great with your HP computer. Note that the LCD complete functionality of your thin HP Pavilion. Since the LCD uses digital technology, this type of computer monitor gives you greater compliance compared to conventional screen. In addition, this type of screen does not react to interference from high power magnetic fields so there is less chance for you to get disturbed while working.

Computer Virus

What is a computer virus?

Computer viruses in general is a software application that spreads from one computer to another and cause system disruption undesired operation. It can damage and destroy data on your hard drive, spreading to other computers via e-mail, and also removes all the data on your hard disk will result in failure of the entire system. It is a fact that most computer viruses are spread through e-mail and can also infect your pc when you are engaged in an instant messaging conversation. Therefore it is very important that you only open e-mails that you already know and avoid opening any suspicious e-mail and contains an attachment. Whether it is harmless and contain greeting cards, pictures or sound files that you have to be careful. Every time you download the application software from the internet, you should also take caution as most of these free programs a lot of spyware, adware or virus related software that can infect your pc immediately when the installation is carried out. The only safe way to remove this kind of infection is to use a virus remover free tools to ensure that any infection safely removed without further damage. This is important as an additional way to get rid of trojan virus software from your operating system to other harmful content.

How virus spread?:

1. By E-mail - As we are all aware that yg e-mail will contain attachments that will trigger the installation of malicious self to take place and hid in the computer as soon as you open or download the attachment. Therefore, it is very important to our well-known only open email only.

2. Free program / Bundle - What most people do not realize that the majority of free programs that you download from the internet a lot of spyware, adware and viruses that will infect your system files when the application is installed.

Between Symptoms Your Computer Infected Virus:

1. Your computer starts to operate at a slower speed than normal

2. Pc you to 'hang' and frequently damaged

3. Your computer reboots itself continuously after a few minutes of operation

4. Most of these programs and the application will not function properly.

5. Severe decline in the overall desktop function caused by a viral infection using large amounts of memory

6. Some hard disk (hard disk) is not accessible

7. Your pc displays an unknown error messages regularly

8. Desktop various menus and dialog boxes may vary

9. Removal of 'shortcut icon' anti-virus program as well as programs on your pc desktop

10. Unknown new icon appears on the desktop that is usually associated with pornography or gambling

11. Task Manager can not function properly

How To Protect Your PC From Virus Threats:

1. Turn your firewall on your pc

2. Use a free virus removal tool

3. Always make sure that your security settings in Internet Explorer are correct

4. Always make sure that you regularly update your anti virus software program with updated information

5. Avoid downloading suspicious files from the internet

6. Do not visit unknown websites because it can trigger infectious installation without your knowledge

Most virus programs can replicate itself and infect a computer without realizing directly by the user. Most of these programs are malicious software programmed simply to cut the system files, damaging programs and reformatting your hard drive. The most common symptoms associated with computer virus is causing the speed of your computer's operating system to slow down as a result of the fact that these programs use a large amount of system memory. Through task manager you will be able to see the memory usage of the programs currently running on your computer. This will allow you to 'disable' any program that consume high amounts of memory. The most modern equipment designed to scan various programs on your computer hoping to identify the virus signature pattern and new fashion. Signature is bye pattern that shows a certain part of the family of viruses, so if an antivirus or virus remover tools that detect signatures or patterns in a well-infected file it immediately informs the user that the file will either be deleted or quarantined. Sometimes it can be very difficult to detect signatures of malicious virus infections yg like this as they are often able to modify their code on different infections.

Computer As Fax Machine

Did you know that your computer can be used as a fax machine. This will save you the cost because no longer need to purchase a separate fax machine. In fact, it may be more sophisticated than the typical fax machine.


1 - Computer
2 - Line telephone
3 - Modem
4 - Software

The most advanced software for use as a fax machine is Norton Winfax. It should be available through stores that sell software. There are also programs that are offered for free on the internet, but none of the approaches Winfax terms of ease and sophistication.
The advantage of using Winfax

1 - You no longer have to print the document and then fax using ordinary fax machine. You just need to "print", select the Winfax printer, then click OK. Document then proceeds available for difax. This saves paper.

2 - You can keep all the names and addresses in Winfax. No longer need look no fax number using the manual method.

3 - Fax that have been sent and received can be kept as a record. It can be read back at any time. It can also be didelete manually or automatically (eg, fax received the last 30 days will be automatically didelete) by selecting the appropriate option.

4 - Broadcast: Sending fax to several places at once is a simple matter. For example, you can set to send the fax to the A, B, C and D. Winfax will try to send a fax to A. If A is engaged or unanswered, it will be sent to B. And so on. Then, it will try to send back to places that have not been delivered, for example A.

5 - You can set how many times it should try to send to a place if the lines are not answered or engaged.

6 - Can be set at what fax to be sent. For example, can be set so that the fax is sent at 12 am, etc.. You would not have to stay up nights, as long as the computer is ON.

7 - Can be set to answer fax computer automatically or manually.

8 - Can set FORWARDING. For example, if your computer is in the office to receive fax at 12 pm until 8 am, it can be set to send the fax to another phone number, for example to your home.

Term Problem To The Computer

When your computer problems, there are two possible effects:

1. There was an error in the computer software (Software).

2. There are faults in computer hardware (Hardware).

Here are some Isti; ah commonly used in connection with a computer breakdown.

HANG - When a computer can not do anything about it. It does not respond even if you press the keys on the keyboard (keyboard) or when you click the mouse (the mouse).

CRASH - When the hard disk (Hard Disk) fails. Usually it is followed by a warning elert (warning message.

BUG - Error or a bug in the software. sometimes bugs can cause the computer to hang or crash.

Glitch - When a computer is acting strange, not as expected. Computer said no glitch when you give a command, the computer do things other than what you ordered.

Use Keys In Windows

If mouse is not working, do not worry you can use the key to run the command. The keys are as follows:

Ctrl + S - This command is used to save your document files that are currently open. Always store a document file that you are using to avoid minimal losses.

Esc key - command to close the dialog box that you open or the menu you chose. It can also be used to close the currently active window in windows.

Enter key - it gives the same effect as clicking the OK button or any of the default button.

Tab key - It is used to switch from one item to the next item in the dialog box.

Alt + F4 key - This key is used to close the active window.

Windows key - Used to activate the start menu. You can use the arrow keys up and down to select an item.

Ctrl + Esc key - if you use the keyboard without the Windows key, you can use the key combination Ctrl and Esc to activate the start menu.

Is It Safe To You To Delete Fail?

Sometimes your computer fails after you remove the files from the computer. So. Remove only the files that you do alone. If you are unsure about any of the files, do not remove. Here is a guide about the file is safe to remove.

Files in the folder "Documents" or "My Documents"

Files in a folder that is located in the "Documents" or "My Documents"

Any folder that you created

Any folder in the "Documents" or "My Documents"

Zip file. That compressed folder that you downloaded (download) from the internet and its contents have been installed (installed) into your computer.

Zip file that you have created yourself to compress folders and files documents is there.

You can also uninstall shortcut icon. Keep in mind that when you remove the shortcut icon. Files associated with it are not removed from your computer.

You can also remove items from the start menu. Anyway. This would annoy you because if you remove the item. You can not start menguunakan software associated with the start menu. Advised not removed the item.

For safety, do not ever remove the file in another location on your computer. However, the hard disk space is limited. When it is full, you have to remove the file or folder to free space to store new files.

In addition to the files that you created or that you download files from the Internet, you can safely remove the following files. however, never remove files that are specified in the instructions below. Use the utility software provided.

Internet cookie files.
Internet temporary files.
File photo collection that is used as a desktop background, known as wallpaper.

What You Can Do To Repair Hardware Problems

If you suspect that damage is caused by hardware (hardware) to do the following:

Make sure hardware is connected to the computer correctly. Updated all source connections.
  • Make sure all electrical source connected to the hardware correctly.
  • Ensure that the hardware is installed (On)
  • Make sure the hardware is plugged into the correct port.
  • Make sure that both ends of the cable should be connected to the hardware.

NOTE - when you install the computer should have the fan noise, the cooling fan power supply (Power suply fan) and micropemproses cooling fan (CPU fan). If the fan does not work, the computer silent when you install this will cause the computer to overheat and hardware failure. Computer from the latest models to produce a lot of heat. If the fan is installed but the computer is still hot, probably not even close to the CPU fan micropemproses. Repair Position the fan so that it works effectively.

laptops have internal fans. however, it may still be hot. If this happens, your laptop will probably fail. Install a cooling pad to reduce the temperature of your laptop.

Use Diagnostic Software For Checking Your PC Hardware

Windows supplied with Device Manager. This software is used to keep track of any hardware error. Use the software to help you keep track of any hardware problems. To open Device Manager this follow these steps:

Click the Control Panel icon. This icon is located in the start menu

Click the Device Manager icon

Device Manager will display the hardware connected to your computer. If the hardware or device driver is not working properly, a warning sign is displayed on the hardware.
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