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Use Diagnostic Software For Checking Your PC Hardware

Windows supplied with Device Manager. This software is used to keep track of any hardware error. Use the software to help you keep track of any hardware problems. To open Device Manager this follow these steps:

Click the Control Panel icon. This icon is located in the start menu

Click the Device Manager icon

Device Manager will display the hardware connected to your computer. If the hardware or device driver is not working properly, a warning sign is displayed on the hardware.

Convert Your Files to PDF

Now most of the documents used for communication produced electronically.

Among the most popular formats to produce electronic documents are PDF format or Portable Document Format, using this format, it can be opened electronically without the use of original software such as Microsoft Word, WordPad and others.

Among the advantages of the production of documents into pdf format is able to protect the original documents (important documents such as payment receipts) against editing by irresponsible parties.

You can get the pdf document production software for free on the internet, between free software that you can use to generate pdf document is doPDF which can be downloaded from

How to use doPDF software is very simple, it can be achieved by using 'print'.

Here are the steps using doPDF:

1 - Open the document that want to be changed
2 - Click on 'file' and select the command 'print', or can also use shortcodes 'Ctrl + P' (press simultaneously).
3 - Select the printer named doPDF v6, press ok.
4 - Done

Documents have been changed format to pdf format, you need Adobe Acrobat Reader to open pdf files that were generated. The software can be obtained free of charge at

The Term "Upgrade" and "Update" For Computer

Upgrade and Update term often heard when IT matters - especially software - are discussed. Yet too many users assume that both terms refer to the same thing. This is a mistake.

Upgrade and Update are not the same. Here I will briefly explain the difference between these terms.

Quite simply upgrade occurs when overall the software is replaced. When a software upgrade, it is normal it undergoes changes to the name. For example is Windows Vista Upgrade to Windows Xp. Change in name also overshadowed by a change in the version number of the software. For example Windows Xp version number is 500 while the number of versions of Windows Vista is 600 and the number of versions of Windows 7 - which is the Upgrade to Vista - is 700.

When a software - upgrades, major changes often occur also in shape persian. Application procedures may also experience changes. So the upgrade is a major change in the software.

Update was not drastic. Update occurs when the software improved without changing the look of its functions and dramatically. A most popular way of software updates is through the installation of Service Pack. Service Pack contains additional components and overhaul that makes the existing software more stable, fast and efficient. When the Service Pack is installed, the software name unchanged. But the software version number may change slightly. For example see the number - the version number of Windows Vista follows: -

Windows Vista Original = 600
Windows Vista Service Pack 1 = 601
Windows Vista Service Pack 2 = 602

So too is the case with the version of Windows or other software. For example Windows Xp Service Pack 3 (often written as WinXP SP3) is an update to WinXP SP2 and beyond.

It is recommended you install the Service Pack your software every time it is launched. Service Pack often free and can be downloaded directly from the software manufacturer's website. Some software can update the software via the Update button. Some need to check for updates automatically and download and install it automatically. Each manufacturer uses different implementations to maintain the integrity of their software products.

Update may be considered as you do on your car modified to make it more beautiful, fast, sophisticated, stylish and so forth. But when you're bored with your car, you are going to "upgrade" or change to a new car.

Get All Files Deleted

Perhaps you've experienced situations where you mistakenly delete a file or want to get back deleted files yg. Do not worry because there is a free Windows program that works with Undelete Plus yg scans computer hard drives to search for new-deleted files and allows you to choose which files for reinstated.

However, keep in mind, the longer the time has passed when you want a file again after it is switched off, the more difficult for getting it back because it is possible that your computer has to record something new to the file.

Visit and click on the option "With Installer" for downloading Undelete Plus

Learn Performance Personal Computer Hardware & Software

Users who truly cares, may be interested to know the performance of the hardware and software of personal computer (PC) with depth. Undoubtedly, the Windows operating system is capable of providing specific information through the facility. However, this is woefully inadequate. So, the use of several benchmark software and PC information like this can help.

1. HWiNFO ( Hardware Info or simply HWiNFO is a powerful system information utility and produced to detect hardware. Shareware software is said to be able to identify a large scale of system components and supports the latest technologies and standards. This equipment is updated from time to time (usually once a month, according to the manufacturer) to provide the most accurate results.

2. Dr. Hardware ( Since 1994, this shareware is the most advanced system information programs on the market. It was built for the average consumer and professional both desktop and notebook PCs. In addition to data collection system and have normal function, more sophisticated tests like hardware sensor, and network analysis are also available. Now, it is equipped with 7 benchmark tests and supports Windows 95/98/Me/NT4/2000/2003 and XP.

3. PC Surgeon 3:01 ( The software can diagnose, monitor and repair Windows XP platform. It provides 65 functions including inspection systems, medical monitoring system, the functions of the overhaul, inspection Windows, folders inspection, examination-Web, and network inspection. In addition, shareware software can also provide reports and capable of converting data into HTML format, Excel and XML.

4. PC Wizard 2004 ( This powerful utility designed especially for detection of hardware and analyzed. It is able to identify a large scale of system components and supports the latest technologies and standards. Besides updated every month, this free software can analyze and benchmark computer system hardware. Among them the level of performance CPU, cache, RAM, hard disk, CD / DVD-ROMs, and removable media / flash.

5. 3DMark03 ( free software based platform is DirectX 9.0 3D graphics performance benchmarking and video. It features advanced gaming technology for high-level users. DIAGNOSED tool involves four main test game: flight simulation, first person shooters, RPG and natural test. Latest features include tests CPU, 3D sound, a real-time physics model and advanced functions online.

6. AIDA32 ( Program information systems, diagnostic, and benchmarking professional supports Windows platform. It collects detailed data of all components of the PC. It can display information on the screen, print it, or save them in various formats like HTML, CSV or XML. For corporate users, this free utility offers statistical functions such as network management, and remote system information.

7. PCMark2002 ( Software benchmark various purposes is suitable for all types of PC benchmarking, including laptops and workstations, as well as support various versions of Windows. Besides being free, the series of tests that represent common tasks in home and office programs are also available. For example, you can test the CPU, memory, hard drive, system software and the results are compared with other computers through the Internet.

8. MetaBench ( free benchmark program provides over 55 different tests to benchmark high-level system. These benchmarks are designed carefully and take into account the latest CPU and system architecture. It provides two types of benchmarks: synthetic and practical. Sintetiknya tests measure the actual difference of component performance. Practical test involves algebraic difference used different software.

9. Sandra 2004 ( Utility and diagnostic information can provide most of the necessary information about hardware, software, and other devices - whether hardware or software. It is reflective of the actual situation the system for comparison. Information provided includes the CPU, chipset, video adapter, ports, printers, sound card, memory, network, internal Windows, AGP, USB2, Firewire, and others.

10. WinTasks 4 ( software gives savvy computer user comprehensive control of all operating processes, thus making advanced resource management, troubleshooting, and optimization much easier. Popular shareware software also provides interesting features such as CPU and memory usage graphs per process, details of the process, and built-in scripting language.

PC Temperature Fan

Lately my CPU always sound, as a warning that it was too hot. This situation is quite dangerous because any one component in a computer can be damaged if the temperature is too high. So I'm trying to find a software that can display the CPU temperature, so that I can make observations easily.

SpeedFan is a software that can do the job. It can access the thermal sensor on the motherboard you to display the temperature of the CPU, hard disk, and your computer system. If the temperature of any one component is too high, the flame symbol will be displayed on the component.

Note: SpeedFan is a complex software capable of changing the FSB, the speed of a computer fan, and settings for hours. If you are not experienced shun these functions.

Website To Download Software

With the increasingly fast Internet connection now, we do not need to keep software USB drive. Now if we want to install the program, we only need to surf the web only to download important software. Here are the three most web sites on this visit for the purpose of:
Different from other sites that try to offer as much software as possible; only provide few, but of the best quality. Usually I come here to get the most basic software such as Adobe Reader is required Windows, antivirus, and codec. website design is also very neat and organized, easy for me to get what I want. is for Windows only.

AlternativeTo is a very unique concept. I'm here to find if there is software that is better than what I use now. For example, right now I use FastSone Capture, so I want to know if any sofware for better screenshots.

Users can vote for their favorite software, so you can know which software is more popular, where, usually it is also nice.

Softpedia offers the most extensive selection of software, I always use it to explore and try new software.

Compared to other download sites (like or Major Geeks), Softpedia has a lot of options, which allow you to filter the interface category, as well as a fast server.

Why Antivrus Should Always Update?

Why should update antivirus?
Each day, one type of virus produced. To protect your computer from it, antivirus must first recognize the virus. That's why antivirus perluupdate always, so that it recognizes the latest viruses.
They say you do not know it is not love. Antivirus said, do not know how I want to detect the virus.

Do I need to update antivirus daily?
Not necessarily. For some people, to update antivirus daily is abusive, especially if your computer does not have an Internet connection. My suggestion, your antivirus updates at least once a month.

If my antivirus out-of-date, would not be able to use already?
Your antivirus can still be used even if it is out-of-date. Only it will not be able to detect if there are new viruses, that's it.

How to update antivirus?
If your computer has an Internet connection, the update process will be done automatically. If not, you can download updates for antivirus in cyber cafe, then put it on your computer manually.

Tips on Windows XP

Selecting [quick launch toolbar]

For frequently used applications, you should consider placing a shortcut icon on the [quick launch toolbar] located to the right of the [start]. This way you can access it with a single click. For applications that want to access in a single click, you just need to drag and put a shortcut to the application on the [toolbar quick lauch]. To remove a shortcut placed by programs that are not allowed, you just need to right click on an icon on the [quick launch toolbar] and select [delete.]

Sort All Programs on the [Start] menu

If you feel your program folders rather scattered, you can arrange them in alphabetical order. The way is to click [start]> [All Programs]> and [right-click] on any folder or program that is there and select [sort by name]. Do the same on the other folders that want sorted.

Use the combination to Strike

if you make a mistake, you can resign the error. You probably know about the function [undo] this by going to the menu [edit] and click [undo]. You can also use a combination [Ctrl] + [Z] for faster service. For example, if they want to cancel the error change the file name in the window [Windows Explorer]. (Make sure you do not use the combination [Ctrl] + [Z] on the other functions).

"Minimize" right window has been opened 

Fastest technique to shrink all the windows (on the desktop) is opened by pressing [Windows] (there is a Windows logo on it) and then press the [M]. Simple instructions, the [Windows] + [M].

Closing Window And Applications Simultaneously

You can close some windows and applications open at once and hold down the [Ctrl] and then select the window or application on the [Taskbar]. Next, right click on your choice above and select [Close Group].

Getting Through Network Information by ipconfig Utility

Click the [Start]> [Run] and type "cmd." On display "prompt" that appears, type "ipconfig" (without the opening words). It will show basic information such as IP address, subnet mask, and gateway. For additional information such as DHCP and DNS server, type "ipconfig-all" or "ipconfig / all". It will display a more detailed network information.

Placing Task Manager Permanently In The "system tray" (at the side of the clock)

To open Task Manager, you can press the key combination [Ctrl] + [Shift] + [Esc], or by clicking on the combination Ctrl] + [Alt] + [Del], and next click on the Task Manager. But, if you wish to place the Task Manager on a permanent basis in the "system tray", there are 2 ways but I only give one way here. To do that, go to the System32 Directory and create a shortcut for the file taskmgr.exe. Then cut (cut) and paste (paste) shortcut into the folder [Startup] (go to the menu [Start]> [All Programs]> [Startup]. Right click on the [Startup] and click [Open]. Then paste shortcut taskmgr.exe earlier here). Next, right-click the icon in the folder taskmgr.exe [Startup] above and click [Properties]. Under option [Run], please select [Minimized] - this will minimize the Task Manager window.

Defraggler: Ulitity Software To Defragment The Disk

This software to update your hardisk which is said every time we use the computer there's the impact on permanent storage, especially when we delete or remove the previous files.

Below are the pictures I have used the program. it very clear to show our hardisk conditions and can be distinguished by the use of color. In addition, this process faster and faster compared to the use of available disk defragmenter self.

Surf the Internet With Privacy

Did you know that web browsers (web browser) such as the latest version of Mozilla Firefox and MS Internet Explorer allows us to surf the Internet without leaving a trail, whether history, cache, and cookies?

Mozilla Firefox latest version
More information visit

Sometimes it's nice to go undercover. When this feature is enabled, you will not leave a single browsing fingerprint behind for others to Discover. You're free to slip in and out of private browsing mode QUICKLY, so it's easy to return to what you were doing BEFORE as if nothing ever happened (you're free to browse privately also rates all the time).

Follow STEP 2 below.
1) start a private browsing session

2) confirm

3) confirm if you are visiting any website in normal mode

4) private browsing session

5) visit any website as usual, including the use of search engines

6) end private browsing session

Effect If The Computer Is Off Without Shutdown

Where data loss when the computer registry in operation or still operational process, the computer will register or registry available computer components or applications that have been used, this will result in a component or application can not be stored in the registry, it will result in the recovery system is not working properly.

Will reduce life expectancy during which computer components dishutdown computer processing unit or processor to give directions to the bios to stop all the components work there, it is also my current out of control on the component, if you turn off the computer with the incorrect current component eventually you will quickly damaged.

Processor is susceptible to damage during shutdown bios which will play an important role in turning off cooller fun on the processor, if it is off then suddenly startled processor.

Memory can be easily damaged during the shutdown systems where memory or cache will be cleared, it will result in damage to the memory.

Damaged hard disk where the operating system is not closed if a shutdown and correct to move, eat probable that there are on the hard disk drive can be easily damaged, because current supplies are switched off suddenly, head or head hard disk will wear out quicker.

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