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Computer Virus

What is a computer virus?

Computer viruses in general is a software application that spreads from one computer to another and cause system disruption undesired operation. It can damage and destroy data on your hard drive, spreading to other computers via e-mail, and also removes all the data on your hard disk will result in failure of the entire system. It is a fact that most computer viruses are spread through e-mail and can also infect your pc when you are engaged in an instant messaging conversation. Therefore it is very important that you only open e-mails that you already know and avoid opening any suspicious e-mail and contains an attachment. Whether it is harmless and contain greeting cards, pictures or sound files that you have to be careful. Every time you download the application software from the internet, you should also take caution as most of these free programs a lot of spyware, adware or virus related software that can infect your pc immediately when the installation is carried out. The only safe way to remove this kind of infection is to use a virus remover free tools to ensure that any infection safely removed without further damage. This is important as an additional way to get rid of trojan virus software from your operating system to other harmful content.

How virus spread?:

1. By E-mail - As we are all aware that yg e-mail will contain attachments that will trigger the installation of malicious self to take place and hid in the computer as soon as you open or download the attachment. Therefore, it is very important to our well-known only open email only.

2. Free program / Bundle - What most people do not realize that the majority of free programs that you download from the internet a lot of spyware, adware and viruses that will infect your system files when the application is installed.

Between Symptoms Your Computer Infected Virus:

1. Your computer starts to operate at a slower speed than normal

2. Pc you to 'hang' and frequently damaged

3. Your computer reboots itself continuously after a few minutes of operation

4. Most of these programs and the application will not function properly.

5. Severe decline in the overall desktop function caused by a viral infection using large amounts of memory

6. Some hard disk (hard disk) is not accessible

7. Your pc displays an unknown error messages regularly

8. Desktop various menus and dialog boxes may vary

9. Removal of 'shortcut icon' anti-virus program as well as programs on your pc desktop

10. Unknown new icon appears on the desktop that is usually associated with pornography or gambling

11. Task Manager can not function properly

How To Protect Your PC From Virus Threats:

1. Turn your firewall on your pc

2. Use a free virus removal tool

3. Always make sure that your security settings in Internet Explorer are correct

4. Always make sure that you regularly update your anti virus software program with updated information

5. Avoid downloading suspicious files from the internet

6. Do not visit unknown websites because it can trigger infectious installation without your knowledge

Most virus programs can replicate itself and infect a computer without realizing directly by the user. Most of these programs are malicious software programmed simply to cut the system files, damaging programs and reformatting your hard drive. The most common symptoms associated with computer virus is causing the speed of your computer's operating system to slow down as a result of the fact that these programs use a large amount of system memory. Through task manager you will be able to see the memory usage of the programs currently running on your computer. This will allow you to 'disable' any program that consume high amounts of memory. The most modern equipment designed to scan various programs on your computer hoping to identify the virus signature pattern and new fashion. Signature is bye pattern that shows a certain part of the family of viruses, so if an antivirus or virus remover tools that detect signatures or patterns in a well-infected file it immediately informs the user that the file will either be deleted or quarantined. Sometimes it can be very difficult to detect signatures of malicious virus infections yg like this as they are often able to modify their code on different infections.

Disable Autoplay Functionality In Windows To Prevent Virus

AutoPlay function in Windows was originally built for ease of use. When you insert external media such as USB drives or external hard disk, Windows will run a specific application based on the AutoPlay set.

Unfortunately this function has been misused by virus makers to infect your computer. The virus is programmed to launch automatically when autoplay function is activated. That is why, even better if you turn off AutoPlay function this straight.

Ways want to turn off the AutoPlay in Windows 7

1. Open Control Panel and type "AutoPlay" in the search box. You'll see the AutoPlay category is displayed. Click on the 'Change default settings for media or devices'

2. Clear the check box 'Use AutoPlay for all media and devices'. Press the Save button.

As simple as that, you have disabled the AutoPlay function to reduce the risk of your computer is infected with a virus. And do not forget to install antivirus on your computer as the primary protection against the virus.

Know Your Computer Have Virus

1. Computer Becomes Slow.
On own rather, virus infected computers will be slow because the virus is running in tandem with the operating system and it is in the computer's memory. In addition, your computer is slow because the virus is doing his dirty work like disturbing your computer from functioning as it should.

2. Can Not Open the Registry Editor.
Registry editor is used to change the setting on the computer registry anda.Dengan use, you can prevent anyone to enter your computer network, changing policies and so on. Can not Open Task Manager. Task manager is usually used to view software or tasks being undertaken by the computer. Virus disabling task will managersupaya you can not see the virus is doing.

3. Folder Option Missing.
Folder option is used to view or set the properties of a file.
Virus may disappear and not allow you to
see them by eliminating the option of folders.

4. Become Slow Start Up Process.
Start-up process is a process carried out every time your computer is turned on. A growing number of processes to be carried out, the slower your computer. Usually take advantage of the computer running the code on every virus we start up process.

5. Some Software Can not Be Installed.
There are some viruses that will prevent you from installing new software. For example, a virus that prevents you from installing antivirus software.

6. Can not Print Documents.
There are viruses that control the printer by disabling the cetak.Ini cause you failed to print any document.

Enemy Computer: Virus

Have you ever suffered - the following conditions: -

  • You feel your computer is getting slower?
  • Running sluggish and often hangs operation (hangs)?.
  • Files often lost and can not be detected?
  • Program can not be run?
  • Disk space is getting full?
  • Internet becomes too slow or not working?
  • You frequently send the computer to the shop for the format? But after a few months the problem?
All in savage enemy no 1 computer of viruses and spyware

On your computer when new, it runs very fast and smooth. Now after a few months or years, you feel kind of lifeless your computer again. Many users consider the cause of this happening is because the computer is "old". This coupled with the salesperson or shopkeeper comment computer said so simply - because you want to buy a new computer.

Stated that there is NO REASON why a 2 year old computer can not work as quickly when it is new is installed. Computer is not like a car that can be worn and damaged components and become less efficient operation. In the computer system, except the hard drive and fan no other moving components. So said the cause of the computer becomes slow is because it is long only after several months or a year or two of use is not true at all!

So what is the cause of the computer problem as above? The answer is virus and spyware. Viruses and spyware are two kinds of malicious software that slows down your computer and damaging way. In the category of virus and spyware also includes software that often we hear as worms and trojans. All software - this software is the main cause why your computer to experience all the problems listed above.

But the good news is that these problems can be overcome. Many consumers are deceived by "advice" computer retailers that one - the only way to solve this problem is format the computer. Worse, there are those who ingested "advice" shopkeepers and change or "upgrade" to the new hard disk costs hundreds of dollars. As a result the computer running smoothly for several months. After the computer started to slow back and do things again. Finally, many users will feel tired of ending their computer problems and mengambaikan their computer or use in adverse conditions.

Actually you do not need to spend big or bother to use a computer at half capacity. By adopting a step - step right care and disinfection, you can return your computer's performance to the situation to normalcy. No need to format. No need to upgrade. No need to spend hundreds of dollars to do so. Virus and Spyware Eradication course teaches all you need to know about viruses and spyware - enemy number one computer. You will learn to recognize the difference in each of these pathogens and how they attack your computer. You also learn how to eradicate all the enemies - enemies of this from your computer. Expertise will you earn you can use to keep your computer in good condition always. The result is that you will enjoy the computing experience far more fulfilling, enjoyable and productive. You will be able to use computer systems for a long time to complete the task down. You no longer need to struggle with a variety of computer problems. You'll also find no need to send the computer to the store again just - eye for formatting or upgrading (upgrade). You will save hundreds of dollars that can be used for other purposes.

Why Antivrus Should Always Update?

Why should update antivirus?
Each day, one type of virus produced. To protect your computer from it, antivirus must first recognize the virus. That's why antivirus perluupdate always, so that it recognizes the latest viruses.
They say you do not know it is not love. Antivirus said, do not know how I want to detect the virus.

Do I need to update antivirus daily?
Not necessarily. For some people, to update antivirus daily is abusive, especially if your computer does not have an Internet connection. My suggestion, your antivirus updates at least once a month.

If my antivirus out-of-date, would not be able to use already?
Your antivirus can still be used even if it is out-of-date. Only it will not be able to detect if there are new viruses, that's it.

How to update antivirus?
If your computer has an Internet connection, the update process will be done automatically. If not, you can download updates for antivirus in cyber cafe, then put it on your computer manually.
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