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There are many ways to set the security features when using the internet as to encrypt e-mail, file sharing and install shut firewall. These can shake any attempt to smuggle into your personal information on the Internet. Usually invaders do to try to get other access to computers linked to you. You can remove any of your web browsing burden others know where you've gone in the net.

You can hide your PC and you do not want others to know you have sailed on the internet. The reason is to prevent your secrets uncovered eg family vacation plans. Or you also store important information that is assigned to your company.

Here are some tips for Internet Explorer  you will find some similarities with Netscape, Opera, or other versions of browser. 

Do not list yourself

Once you surf the internet and if you will leave your PC for a while make sure that you have decided your web browser to your browsing history before. IE History list is a list of websites you have visited. It is an easy method to recover the website you will ever visit without using Favorites. You can find pages you visited before and History through the Address Bar will list the URLs you've visited.

File History is a two-pronged weapon. Click Tools, Internet Options, and Clear History to remove the list of websites you have visited. This way, we will remove the list of URLs in Address Bar. You can change the number of days or the period of the URL can be stored in History. Reduce the number of days to shorten the life of the URL and increase the number of days to prolong the lifespan of the URL.

If you want to read the History file, click Start, Find, and Files Or Folders. Type in the History of the Named field. In the Look In, click Local Hard Drives. Click Find Now. You will be able to find a file History file in C: \ WINDOWS \ HISTORY. Remove certain parts in this folder Ye will remove any information contained on the Address Bar.

Another good way is to remove the IE cache or Temporary Internet files. IE and other browsers will retain a copy of pages, photos and graphics in the following folder C: \ WINDOWS \ Temporary Internet Files while you browse the web. If you do not it will copy all the contents of the websites you've visited or every time you kungjungi. In the Internet Options General tab, click Delete Files and OK.

Clean up your tracks

Most sites put small files called cookies to your PC. Cookies usually help the website to remember you and any of your personal specifications when you browse certain websites. Anyone can find any information or your web browsing history if they go to C: \ WINDOWS \ COOKIES or C: \ WINDOWS \ Temporary Internet Files.

You can remove any cookies from your folder one by one. An easier way is to close the space for the cookies when you surf the web. In Internet Options, select Security and Custom Level, go to Cookies and click Disable in all related cookies.

These tips are for home users only. If you are using a computer in the office make sure that your network has a good network policy. Now with various threats from the outside world as the internet, companies must ensure that their network safe and not viral
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