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The Problem That Often Occurs In The Printer

1) Not Printing.
Cause: The tape found on the printer or ribbon movements can not be turned around.

Solution: You need to check the position of the tape printer, if no problem, make sure the ribbon moves normal movements of the head when it is turned to the left and to the right.

2) Paper Not Logged In Printer.
Cause: possible sensors (sensors) are not able to read the paper or roller presence does not work you probably broken roller on pengeraknya eyes.

Solution: Clean the sensor and roller / if you break the eye roller pengeraknya, you should do a little modifty so that the tip of the eye movements on the roller.

3) Print truncated / Not Perfect.
Cause: needle on the head printer (print head) dirty or clogged because you rarely use the printer, the ink cartridges are available in hard.

Solution: Go to the printer and check the pin point which is on the front side if you check the hole or strip the head if the printer breaks,

You can also try dipping into your printer / cartridges you into hot water (warning: do not soak only half full, so that eye contact with the printer under hot water, which will dilute the harsh ink.
If all you have done the above solution, the result is still the same meal, preferably you change the printer head / new cartridges.

4) When printing is done, your printer head discursive / print caper.
Cause: it was caused not smoothly printer head movement to the left and to the right / or metal rails you do not tense.

Solution: Clean the metal rails using the liquid, wipe with a dry or rail Matel sure you tense, which functions moving metal rail head printer / cartridge during printing process occurs.

5) Print Laser / your photo state machine striped.
Cause: Drum dirty, probably because of the frequency of use of machines and due to the way users draw paper hanging.

Solution: Try to clean the dirt found on the drum if not successful, you need a new switch.
Note: Some drum affixed to one with toner, so you need to change a new toner, if the drum is problematic.
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