Saving The Usage Of Laptop Battery

*** If the computer is not used for an extended period, put it in standby mode or standby. Standby mode will ensure the current data stored in RAM with minimal power consumption.

*** Adding temporary memory or RAM your computer will save battery power because it will reduce dependence on the operating system virtual memory swap on your hard disk.

*** Set the brightness of your LCD screen as low as possible but comfortable on your eyes. Getting brighter display screen, the more battery power is used.

*** Avoid charging the battery and at the same time operate the computer using your AC adapter. As far as possible, charge the computer when not in use. This allows the power supply can be channeled properly without interruption.

Occasionally *** clean the battery connections (golden colored) to ensure it is free of dust. You can use some alcohol and wipe with a cloth to clean the battery.

Deactivate *** function or feature is not used on your laptop. For example, remove the optical disc (CD / DVD) from the drivers when not in use. CD / DVD drive will attempt to read the media in it and it uses more battery power.

Disconnect the cable *** additional hardware such as printers, scanners or other digital gadgets from your computer because it will consume power even when not in use.

*** Stop auto search wifi and bluetooth when not needed. If you do not use it at all, turn off all these functions and thus you can make more power savings.

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