The Term "Upgrade" and "Update" For Computer

Upgrade and Update term often heard when IT matters - especially software - are discussed. Yet too many users assume that both terms refer to the same thing. This is a mistake.

Upgrade and Update are not the same. Here I will briefly explain the difference between these terms.

Quite simply upgrade occurs when overall the software is replaced. When a software upgrade, it is normal it undergoes changes to the name. For example is Windows Vista Upgrade to Windows Xp. Change in name also overshadowed by a change in the version number of the software. For example Windows Xp version number is 500 while the number of versions of Windows Vista is 600 and the number of versions of Windows 7 - which is the Upgrade to Vista - is 700.

When a software - upgrades, major changes often occur also in shape persian. Application procedures may also experience changes. So the upgrade is a major change in the software.

Update was not drastic. Update occurs when the software improved without changing the look of its functions and dramatically. A most popular way of software updates is through the installation of Service Pack. Service Pack contains additional components and overhaul that makes the existing software more stable, fast and efficient. When the Service Pack is installed, the software name unchanged. But the software version number may change slightly. For example see the number - the version number of Windows Vista follows: -

Windows Vista Original = 600
Windows Vista Service Pack 1 = 601
Windows Vista Service Pack 2 = 602

So too is the case with the version of Windows or other software. For example Windows Xp Service Pack 3 (often written as WinXP SP3) is an update to WinXP SP2 and beyond.

It is recommended you install the Service Pack your software every time it is launched. Service Pack often free and can be downloaded directly from the software manufacturer's website. Some software can update the software via the Update button. Some need to check for updates automatically and download and install it automatically. Each manufacturer uses different implementations to maintain the integrity of their software products.

Update may be considered as you do on your car modified to make it more beautiful, fast, sophisticated, stylish and so forth. But when you're bored with your car, you are going to "upgrade" or change to a new car.
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