What You Can Do To Repair Hardware Problems

If you suspect that damage is caused by hardware (hardware) to do the following:

Make sure hardware is connected to the computer correctly. Updated all source connections.
  • Make sure all electrical source connected to the hardware correctly.
  • Ensure that the hardware is installed (On)
  • Make sure the hardware is plugged into the correct port.
  • Make sure that both ends of the cable should be connected to the hardware.

NOTE - when you install the computer should have the fan noise, the cooling fan power supply (Power suply fan) and micropemproses cooling fan (CPU fan). If the fan does not work, the computer silent when you install this will cause the computer to overheat and hardware failure. Computer from the latest models to produce a lot of heat. If the fan is installed but the computer is still hot, probably not even close to the CPU fan micropemproses. Repair Position the fan so that it works effectively.

laptops have internal fans. however, it may still be hot. If this happens, your laptop will probably fail. Install a cooling pad to reduce the temperature of your laptop.

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