Some of Ways Getting Hard Disk Recovery

Often if your hard drive can not be used, you go on to say that your hard disk has been damaged 100%. Actually there are still efforts that can be done to save your hard drive before disposing it in the trash.

Hard drive recovery techniques

Follow these tips below all of which have been proven effective. Methods and techniques described are the disk condition was completely paralyzed. In short there is no other way that can be done other than throw it.

freezing technique

The technique I learned when a computer technician, when facing problems such as "data-read error", the solution is to freeze the hard drive overnight. This makes it increasingly unable to read data, but only temporarily. If the data is critical, you need to change the hard disk directly (especially drive failure).

The trick is to wrap the hard drive with a waterproof plastic bag, place it in the refrigerator for about an hour and continue to pray.
Then remove it from the refrigerator and continue to connect the computer and turn on the PC and doing data transfer with as soon as possible before the hard disk temperature is increased.

stamping technique

Among the main reasons why a hard drive difficult to rotate (spin) is because the head (head) was attached to the plate (platter). As a last resort, tapping on a hard drive in a hard place (floor) up to 8 inches by one blow. God willing, it is inevitable 90% of problems can be solved.
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