Tips On Taking Care Of Your Laptop Battery

1) If your battery is new - Make sure your battery is completely empty when you first use it.

2) Then, NO 'on' the laptop, the battery charge for eight (8) hours. If 'indicator on the laptop says the battery is full, continue charge up to eight (8) hours. Remember! Never once 'on' the laptop!

3) After eight (8) hours, unplug the charger / adapter from the laptop. And to ONLY use batteries, use the laptop until the battery is almost depleted. This will set how much power can be stored in the battery

4) After this, you can charge it as usual until the indicator shows that the battery is full

Habits to Avoid

1) Avoid always charge the battery-A laptop battery has a life span of about 300 to 500 rounds charge. Unplug the charger, use battery power and then use the charger back is a round. It is advisable that you do not use battery power until completely exhausted. Leave at least 5% of the power available. It is better if you use the battery for an hour and then charge a full refund (this is calculated per round), instead of 10 minutes and recharge the battery back 5 minutes (this is calculated per cycle)

2) Make sure your batteries run out of power every 30 pusingan.Kemudian fully recharge. This will help set the pace battery power

3) If you do not want to use the battery for more than 3 weeks, make sure you keep at least 50% of the power in the battery.
If you leave with full power, the battery will swell and can save a lot of power if you do not keep direct power, feared the battery is not rechargeable.

4) Avoid heat, heat can reduce the storage capacity of the battery. Do not use the laptop on a surface that trap heat like the fabric, cushions, leather sofa, your thighs, blankets and more. Use a notebook cooling pad and make sure the surface you are using does not have dust.

5) Avoid over-charging (overcharging) - Overcharging will cause heat and reduce the quality of the battery. Unplug the charger when the 'indicator' already indicates that the battery is full.
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    Great tips and tricks.
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