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Users who truly cares, may be interested to know the performance of the hardware and software of personal computer (PC) with depth. Undoubtedly, the Windows operating system is capable of providing specific information through the facility. However, this is woefully inadequate. So, the use of several benchmark software and PC information like this can help.

1. HWiNFO (http://www.hwinfo.com/) Hardware Info or simply HWiNFO is a powerful system information utility and produced to detect hardware. Shareware software is said to be able to identify a large scale of system components and supports the latest technologies and standards. This equipment is updated from time to time (usually once a month, according to the manufacturer) to provide the most accurate results.

2. Dr. Hardware (http://www.dr-hardware.com/) Since 1994, this shareware is the most advanced system information programs on the market. It was built for the average consumer and professional both desktop and notebook PCs. In addition to data collection system and have normal function, more sophisticated tests like hardware sensor, and network analysis are also available. Now, it is equipped with 7 benchmark tests and supports Windows 95/98/Me/NT4/2000/2003 and XP.

3. PC Surgeon 3:01 (http://www.winutils.com/) The software can diagnose, monitor and repair Windows XP platform. It provides 65 functions including inspection systems, medical monitoring system, the functions of the overhaul, inspection Windows, folders inspection, examination-Web, and network inspection. In addition, shareware software can also provide reports and capable of converting data into HTML format, Excel and XML.

4. PC Wizard 2004 (http://www.cpuid.com/) This powerful utility designed especially for detection of hardware and analyzed. It is able to identify a large scale of system components and supports the latest technologies and standards. Besides updated every month, this free software can analyze and benchmark computer system hardware. Among them the level of performance CPU, cache, RAM, hard disk, CD / DVD-ROMs, and removable media / flash.

5. 3DMark03 (http://www.futuremark.com/) free software based platform is DirectX 9.0 3D graphics performance benchmarking and video. It features advanced gaming technology for high-level users. DIAGNOSED tool involves four main test game: flight simulation, first person shooters, RPG and natural test. Latest features include tests CPU, 3D sound, a real-time physics model and advanced functions online.

6. AIDA32 (http://www.aida32.hu/) Program information systems, diagnostic, and benchmarking professional supports Windows platform. It collects detailed data of all components of the PC. It can display information on the screen, print it, or save them in various formats like HTML, CSV or XML. For corporate users, this free utility offers statistical functions such as network management, and remote system information.

7. PCMark2002 (http://www.futuremark.com/) Software benchmark various purposes is suitable for all types of PC benchmarking, including laptops and workstations, as well as support various versions of Windows. Besides being free, the series of tests that represent common tasks in home and office programs are also available. For example, you can test the CPU, memory, hard drive, system software and the results are compared with other computers through the Internet.

8. MetaBench (http://www.7byte.com/) free benchmark program provides over 55 different tests to benchmark high-level system. These benchmarks are designed carefully and take into account the latest CPU and system architecture. It provides two types of benchmarks: synthetic and practical. Sintetiknya tests measure the actual difference of component performance. Practical test involves algebraic difference used different software.

9. Sandra 2004 (http://www.sisoftware.co.uk/) Utility and diagnostic information can provide most of the necessary information about hardware, software, and other devices - whether hardware or software. It is reflective of the actual situation the system for comparison. Information provided includes the CPU, chipset, video adapter, ports, printers, sound card, memory, network, internal Windows, AGP, USB2, Firewire, and others.

10. WinTasks 4 (http://www.liutilities.com/) software gives savvy computer user comprehensive control of all operating processes, thus making advanced resource management, troubleshooting, and optimization much easier. Popular shareware software also provides interesting features such as CPU and memory usage graphs per process, details of the process, and built-in scripting language.

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