Optimize Use Your Pendrive!

You thought pendrive merely used to store data? Perhaps you never thought a pendrive can be used to:

1) Made the key / lock to lock your PC.

2) You can install software like FireFox, Thunderbird, OpenOffice, AbiWord, Audacity and many more in the pendrive, so you can use the software on any PC that does not have the software.

3) Can be used to store Operating System, which Linux Damn Small Linux), Apple Mac and Windows (Barts, PE).

I will focus on the second function, the software install in pendrive. Please see the list below:
  • Portable NVU Web Editor, an easy-to-use
  • XAMPP - complete package server Apache, mySQL, PHP, phpMyAdmin
  • Sudoku Portable - Puzzle Games
  • GIMP Portable - Editor picture quite sustainable (steady)
  • Portable FileZilla FTP Software
  • FireFTP Extension-To use FireFox
  • Firefox Portable - portable version of FireFox
  • Portable Gaim-Software for chatting
  • Miranda IM Portable - Approximately kind Gaim also
  • Sage Extension-Rss extension for FireFox
  • Portable Thunderbird-style Microsoft Outlook email software
  • Audacity Portable - Software to record and edit songs
  • Portable VLC Media Player - Media Player
  • AbiWord Portable - Word Editor ala Microsoft Word
  • Calendar Extension-Plugin for Firefox and Thunderbird
  • OpenOffice.org Portable - ala Microsoft Office
  • Portable Sunbird calendar and to-do-Program aka diary
  • Thunderbird Portable (Address Book) - Plug-in for Thunderbird
  • 7-Zip Portable - To compress file ala cam Winzip
  • Portable ClamWin AntiVirus Program
  • PStart-System tray menu launcher

All of the above program is FREE, so preferably use mass .. It is useful if we are out station, and many more things ..
Best of luck!

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