Convert Your Files to PDF

Now most of the documents used for communication produced electronically.

Among the most popular formats to produce electronic documents are PDF format or Portable Document Format, using this format, it can be opened electronically without the use of original software such as Microsoft Word, WordPad and others.

Among the advantages of the production of documents into pdf format is able to protect the original documents (important documents such as payment receipts) against editing by irresponsible parties.

You can get the pdf document production software for free on the internet, between free software that you can use to generate pdf document is doPDF which can be downloaded from

How to use doPDF software is very simple, it can be achieved by using 'print'.

Here are the steps using doPDF:

1 - Open the document that want to be changed
2 - Click on 'file' and select the command 'print', or can also use shortcodes 'Ctrl + P' (press simultaneously).
3 - Select the printer named doPDF v6, press ok.
4 - Done

Documents have been changed format to pdf format, you need Adobe Acrobat Reader to open pdf files that were generated. The software can be obtained free of charge at
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