Disable Autoplay Functionality In Windows To Prevent Virus

AutoPlay function in Windows was originally built for ease of use. When you insert external media such as USB drives or external hard disk, Windows will run a specific application based on the AutoPlay set.

Unfortunately this function has been misused by virus makers to infect your computer. The virus is programmed to launch automatically when autoplay function is activated. That is why, even better if you turn off AutoPlay function this straight.

Ways want to turn off the AutoPlay in Windows 7

1. Open Control Panel and type "AutoPlay" in the search box. You'll see the AutoPlay category is displayed. Click on the 'Change default settings for media or devices'

2. Clear the check box 'Use AutoPlay for all media and devices'. Press the Save button.

As simple as that, you have disabled the AutoPlay function to reduce the risk of your computer is infected with a virus. And do not forget to install antivirus on your computer as the primary protection against the virus.

Finding Drivers For Your Computer On The Internet

The main thing you need to find the driver was the name of the hardware model. For example, the name of my model graphic card is NVIDIA GeForce FX 5200. So, what I need to do is type "NVIDIA GeForce FX 5200" on the Google website. To be more specific, I type in "download driver NVIDIA GeForce FX 5200". Google will display the search results, and this is what will link I click to find the driver.

If your PC or laptop brands (Dell, Compaq, HP, or Acer for example), you can continue to type the name of the model PC / laptop is. Usually these names are glued together PC / laptop.

Another way to find out the name of your hardware model is to use the software. This way is easier because you do not have terbelek looking at a PC or laptop to find the drivers name. Just use this software and it will display the names of all hardware components in your computer in detail. Examples of this kind of software is Everest and PC Wizard.

Tips On Buying A Computer Or Computer Hardware

When there is buy computers or computer hardware from any store or outlet you can get their help if there are problems with what you buy. Therefore, it is better you buy a computer or computer hardware from a store or outlet that is reliable and able to provide the best service.

Computers and electronic devices are easily damaged, if you are dealing with a difficult outlet store or assist a client, you'll be in trouble if what you buy does not work well. Do not just buy by looking at the price tag as well as computer hardware is electronics. It might work when installed dikedai, after being used a day or two, the computer fails to function properly.

When you buy a new computer, install the computer and let it installed for one day. This process diokenali as burn-in. If the computer fails to function properly, go back to the store and get a new one or ask them to look at the root cause and fix this. If in your area there are many shops or outlets that sell computer, select the store that is providing support and after sales service.

In fact, every computer or perkaksan sold with manual but manual is panjan, filled with small print and difficult to understand. You need a lot of support because technicians handle hardware. They are very experienced and are able to find the source massalah quickly.

Do not be shy to ask. Do not be confused between technical support and customer service. If you buy a computer in a shopping mall, you will see a booth called Customer Service. Employees will not help you upgrading the computer or hardware. They haya solve the sale or if you wish to return the goods.

Most computer hardware has a waranty. If an item does not function properly you can replace the item if it is damaged while in waranty. Make sure you understand the terms waranty when making a purchase.

Problem Always Restart in Safe Mode

If you keep restarting the computer in Safe Mode and you do not know what the reason, you can fix it back easily, follow the steps below:

1. Click on the Start menu, and type Run.

2. Type msconfig and click OK.

3. On the Boot tab, clear the box "Safe boot" and click OK.

Restart your computer and Windows will go back to normal, without Safe Mode.

No Sound Start In Windows

Have you ever had was using the computer, suddenly the audio system on the PC does not work. When attempting to open the Volume Control from the Start Menu, the following error will appear:
  • There are no active mixer devices available.
  • To install mixer devices, go to Control Panel, click Printers and Other Hardware, and then click Add Hardware.
  • This program will now close.

What you need to do is, copy this error and find information about it on the Internet. How to do simple:
  • Click on the Start Menu> Run and type "services.msc". press Enter
  • In the list that appears, find the Windows Audio. Right-click on Windows Audio and click Start.
  • If it still does not sound out also, check device manager there may be an error on the sound card. try to reinstall the drivers.

Use CCleaner to Clean Your PC

CCleaner works to find and remove the temporary file in the computer quickly. It can also repair the registry in Windows. If you normally use 1-Click-Maintenance of Tune Up Utilities, CCleaner this same functionality, but is faster and free.

What is a temporary file?

When any one program run in Windows, it will create a temporary file called a temporary file. However, after the program is closed, the temporary file is left unattended. Over time this is getting a lot of temporary files and would waste space on the hard disk.
CCleaner can also delete history for Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, and many other applications, including Media Player, eMule, Kazaa, Google Toolbar, and more.

Get CCleaner here.

The Problem That Often Occurs In The Printer

1) Not Printing.
Cause: The tape found on the printer or ribbon movements can not be turned around.

Solution: You need to check the position of the tape printer, if no problem, make sure the ribbon moves normal movements of the head when it is turned to the left and to the right.

2) Paper Not Logged In Printer.
Cause: possible sensors (sensors) are not able to read the paper or roller presence does not work you probably broken roller on pengeraknya eyes.

Solution: Clean the sensor and roller / if you break the eye roller pengeraknya, you should do a little modifty so that the tip of the eye movements on the roller.

3) Print truncated / Not Perfect.
Cause: needle on the head printer (print head) dirty or clogged because you rarely use the printer, the ink cartridges are available in hard.

Solution: Go to the printer and check the pin point which is on the front side if you check the hole or strip the head if the printer breaks,

You can also try dipping into your printer / cartridges you into hot water (warning: do not soak only half full, so that eye contact with the printer under hot water, which will dilute the harsh ink.
If all you have done the above solution, the result is still the same meal, preferably you change the printer head / new cartridges.

4) When printing is done, your printer head discursive / print caper.
Cause: it was caused not smoothly printer head movement to the left and to the right / or metal rails you do not tense.

Solution: Clean the metal rails using the liquid, wipe with a dry or rail Matel sure you tense, which functions moving metal rail head printer / cartridge during printing process occurs.

5) Print Laser / your photo state machine striped.
Cause: Drum dirty, probably because of the frequency of use of machines and due to the way users draw paper hanging.

Solution: Try to clean the dirt found on the drum if not successful, you need a new switch.
Note: Some drum affixed to one with toner, so you need to change a new toner, if the drum is problematic.

Weird Sound on Computer Startup

Normally the computer will make a sound when it is turned on. Sound is produced because there is a fan in the power supply unit (power supply unit). The fan used to cool the power supply. Noise is also produced from the fan used to cool the processor. Usually both sound will be heard as long as you install the computer.

When you install a computer, hard drive will spin. It will also produce sound but the sound is not continuous. Computers will also be out a "beep" once. These markings start with a good computer. this beep sound if prolonged or repeated, it's a sign you have suffered computer hardware and does not work well.

If you want noise can be reduced tu la install the washer on the screw that fasten the fan or hard disk in the computer casing. Just cut only. want to lose sound without doubt no. Another way, open the computer casing and clean the dust that is in the computer. Make sure there is no hair stuck in a fan. Dust and hair may interfere and remove the fan spin loud noise.

If you put the computer on the table, do not forget to put the rubber base to absorb vibration and reduce noise being diverted to the computer table.
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