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Tips On Buying A Computer Or Computer Hardware

When there is buy computers or computer hardware from any store or outlet you can get their help if there are problems with what you buy. Therefore, it is better you buy a computer or computer hardware from a store or outlet that is reliable and able to provide the best service.

Computers and electronic devices are easily damaged, if you are dealing with a difficult outlet store or assist a client, you'll be in trouble if what you buy does not work well. Do not just buy by looking at the price tag as well as computer hardware is electronics. It might work when installed dikedai, after being used a day or two, the computer fails to function properly.

When you buy a new computer, install the computer and let it installed for one day. This process diokenali as burn-in. If the computer fails to function properly, go back to the store and get a new one or ask them to look at the root cause and fix this. If in your area there are many shops or outlets that sell computer, select the store that is providing support and after sales service.

In fact, every computer or perkaksan sold with manual but manual is panjan, filled with small print and difficult to understand. You need a lot of support because technicians handle hardware. They are very experienced and are able to find the source massalah quickly.

Do not be shy to ask. Do not be confused between technical support and customer service. If you buy a computer in a shopping mall, you will see a booth called Customer Service. Employees will not help you upgrading the computer or hardware. They haya solve the sale or if you wish to return the goods.

Most computer hardware has a waranty. If an item does not function properly you can replace the item if it is damaged while in waranty. Make sure you understand the terms waranty when making a purchase.

Tips How To Check Your Computer Specifications

Many ways to look at your computer or laptop specification which we use some software, properties of My Computer and others. However, what I want to show this is one of his ways. Important for us to know the strength of the ability of a PC that we use. With step and these measures, we can see the actual ability of our computers. We can ability and speed in terms of graphics, memory, processor and type of Operating System (OS).

Among the steps are:

1) Click on Start -> Click on the Search programs and files.

2) Then type the word run and click RUN program

3) Type dxdiag Click on the OK button.

4) Next All of you will see the overall look in the system specifications of your computer

5) Next you click on Display to see the speed and information about your computer graphics.

How? Have you know the exact specifications of your computer?

Tips To Buy Laptop Second Hand

Buying a used laptop can be an attractive option. For example, you want to save money or just buy a laptop for a child so computer literate. Whatever the reason, here are some tips to buy quality used laptop:

1. Note the Physical Shape Laptop

Conditions determine whether the laptop chassis used laptop is well cared for. Take a good look around the chassis of the laptop so you do not regret in the future because there is no check damage carefully.

Display Laptop
Laptop LCD display is one of the most expensive components. Therefore, make sure that the laptop screen is still able to work well.

Keyboard and Touchpad
Make sure the laptop keyboard and touchpad still works fine. This is because replacing the keyboard and touchpad, as well as more expensive, it is also not as easy to replace as the desktop.

2. Note With Conscientiousness Components Laptop

For now, I recommend you buy a used laptop which uses the most minimal prossesor Pentium III. Prossesor is still capable of carrying modern operating systems like Windows XP quite well.

RAM Memory prices are usually cheaper now. Carefully and check the RAM capacity can be upgraded easily if an when you want it. Recommended that the laptop has a capacity of at least 512 Mb of RAM.

Hard disk capacity
Old laptop might only have a maximum capacity of 40 GB hard drive, but there is only 10 GB. Determine the capacity that meets your needs in the data store.

Used laptop batteries are usually weaker. Consider whether you need a new battery. If for example the laptop is worn only at home, you may not need to buy a new battery and can use electricity at home alone.

3. Ask Yourself

Ask yourself, what is the need to buy a second hand laptop?. What used laptop can last long enough or should you wait for the time to buy a new one? Remember, the price of a new laptop on the decline in line with technological developments. But if you are ready to buy a second hand laptop after considering a variety of profit and loss, just do it.

Laptop Buying Guide

1. Use - Motif or main purpose of the laptop was purchased. If you need a laptop to play games that are more sophisticated. If only for typing and surfing the internet, quite simply the medium.

2. Budget - How much budget, or more easily budget your money there. More encouraged to buy cash than using debt. More economical. But no one bought using debt, such as credit card installments, but not recommended.

3. Warranty - Guarantee of a laptop usually is one year. But we do not want to use the laptop in a period of one year only. Want more than that. Keep a longer warranty so we are preparing for a possible bad.

4. Make observations - Visit any store that sells laptop. Ask and make comparisons between one product or brand to another. Do not rush into buying the offer because it involves money which thousands. Try not to be fooled.

5. Ask owner - This is one of the most effective ways before making any action. Laptop owner, usually own colleagues easier to give advice, pros and cons of a laptop you want to purchase.

6. Model - Brand also plays an important role. Sometimes the brand gives us the confidence to buy.

7. Help - after-sales service is also important. Where we will see if there is a problem? Who do we need? What about its service? Do extensively? That's all important.

The Advantages of Buying Used Computers

Nothing new, so no time. Although long, as long as they can be used not to waste. Likewise the computer. For those who want to buy a computer, the computer model used may be made optional.

So, why choose a computer used?

Cheap price.
Every purchase price definitely be a priority. Just as the computer used. Cheaper than new because the old components and programs. Although old but still usable.
Save. Usually used computers are sold with the package. A package includes a CPU, monitor, keyboard and mouse.

No need to purchase one by one.
No significant difference with the new computer. The simplest example, if the purchase of computers used by the school or university labs. Technology depending only 2 to 3 years. If buying for a home, it still can be a rewarding because the computer can still be used as long as possible as long as able.

Save the earth from dumping a computer on the market.
Put simply, why buy a new computer if you still can save up to 80%. Money can be used for other more important things. Be a smart shopper. Personally, if you want to buy another computer, I would definitely look for used computers.

Internet Banking Security

Now this trend use internet banking is fast gaining traction in our society. Therefore, precautions should be practiced in internet banking facilities to ensure that your transactions are completely safe run. Several steps should be observed include:
  1. Banks offering internet banking service will not ask customers to disclose or verify your PIN or password for any reason whatsoever, either through email or phone call.
  2. If you receive an email or phone call that asks you doubted your internet banking page open, do not disclose the PIN or password in whatever circumstances, and you should contact your bank immediately.
  3. Before carrying out any banking transactions online, you need to ensure that the internet banking website is official and authentic as well start with the URL "https".
  4. Always keep your computer's antivirus program is updated. Do not enter your internet banking account on a computer in a cybercafe or a computer that is not protected by antivirus system.
  5. Do not save login ID or password in the computer.
  6. Change your password regularly and do not use a password that is easily guessed by others.
  7. Do not leave your computer when you enter internet banking website.
  8. Always remember to get out of the site completely when it is resolving the matter and clear the memory sites that have been visited.
  9. Check your account regularly.

Tips on buying Power Adapter / Charger Laptop

Want to buy a new power adapter? Whether you want to find a replacement for your damaged adapter? or just want to do a spare only, or just want to buy more to put the house one night or OFIS, this article will help you in making a decision

1. Search for "tip" right - Every laptop has its own connection. You need to find tips that match your laptop. These things can easily je want know. Often, the adapter has two ends, a wall plug that connect kat tu, another hole connected to power on the laptop. This thing called TIPS. Your laptop can not be used if using the wrong TIPS. You can only use the tips bebetul ngam only

WARNING! do not force this tip in the hole! Kat later broken laptop power jack that.

2. Find "output voltage" right. Each laptop has a different output value. You must use the correct voltage output! If not, your laptop may be damaged due to over-power or your laptop can not be on because there is not enough power. You can find this Voltage output either your laptop or on the back of the charger adapters available.
Examples of typical voltage output is 3.42A, 4.74A, 3.5a and so on.

3. Find the correct input voltage. Usually in Malaysia, which used input voltage is 220-240V. If in Japan 110v. This is usually not a problem because most of the Power Adapter in Malaysia does have ngam specifications with input voltage in Malaysia. Unless you want to leave the country make sure you bring Adapter with the correct input voltage to the country you visit! explode if not later!
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