Tips To Buy Laptop Second Hand

Buying a used laptop can be an attractive option. For example, you want to save money or just buy a laptop for a child so computer literate. Whatever the reason, here are some tips to buy quality used laptop:

1. Note the Physical Shape Laptop

Conditions determine whether the laptop chassis used laptop is well cared for. Take a good look around the chassis of the laptop so you do not regret in the future because there is no check damage carefully.

Display Laptop
Laptop LCD display is one of the most expensive components. Therefore, make sure that the laptop screen is still able to work well.

Keyboard and Touchpad
Make sure the laptop keyboard and touchpad still works fine. This is because replacing the keyboard and touchpad, as well as more expensive, it is also not as easy to replace as the desktop.

2. Note With Conscientiousness Components Laptop

For now, I recommend you buy a used laptop which uses the most minimal prossesor Pentium III. Prossesor is still capable of carrying modern operating systems like Windows XP quite well.

RAM Memory prices are usually cheaper now. Carefully and check the RAM capacity can be upgraded easily if an when you want it. Recommended that the laptop has a capacity of at least 512 Mb of RAM.

Hard disk capacity
Old laptop might only have a maximum capacity of 40 GB hard drive, but there is only 10 GB. Determine the capacity that meets your needs in the data store.

Used laptop batteries are usually weaker. Consider whether you need a new battery. If for example the laptop is worn only at home, you may not need to buy a new battery and can use electricity at home alone.

3. Ask Yourself

Ask yourself, what is the need to buy a second hand laptop?. What used laptop can last long enough or should you wait for the time to buy a new one? Remember, the price of a new laptop on the decline in line with technological developments. But if you are ready to buy a second hand laptop after considering a variety of profit and loss, just do it.

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  1. good tips... keep it up!!! :D

  2. As we know some products have long life, while other have short so get assured before purchasing by making some research about the product. By your information one can easily select best budget laptops.
    PC Richard & Son


  3. Every laptop almost contain same features so It's very difficult to chose the best quality laptop.
    By your information one can easily select best budget laptops.
    PC Richard & Son

  4. any tips to buy laptop second from china ( import )


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