Laptop Buying Guide

1. Use - Motif or main purpose of the laptop was purchased. If you need a laptop to play games that are more sophisticated. If only for typing and surfing the internet, quite simply the medium.

2. Budget - How much budget, or more easily budget your money there. More encouraged to buy cash than using debt. More economical. But no one bought using debt, such as credit card installments, but not recommended.

3. Warranty - Guarantee of a laptop usually is one year. But we do not want to use the laptop in a period of one year only. Want more than that. Keep a longer warranty so we are preparing for a possible bad.

4. Make observations - Visit any store that sells laptop. Ask and make comparisons between one product or brand to another. Do not rush into buying the offer because it involves money which thousands. Try not to be fooled.

5. Ask owner - This is one of the most effective ways before making any action. Laptop owner, usually own colleagues easier to give advice, pros and cons of a laptop you want to purchase.

6. Model - Brand also plays an important role. Sometimes the brand gives us the confidence to buy.

7. Help - after-sales service is also important. Where we will see if there is a problem? Who do we need? What about its service? Do extensively? That's all important.

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