Tips on buying Power Adapter / Charger Laptop

Want to buy a new power adapter? Whether you want to find a replacement for your damaged adapter? or just want to do a spare only, or just want to buy more to put the house one night or OFIS, this article will help you in making a decision

1. Search for "tip" right - Every laptop has its own connection. You need to find tips that match your laptop. These things can easily je want know. Often, the adapter has two ends, a wall plug that connect kat tu, another hole connected to power on the laptop. This thing called TIPS. Your laptop can not be used if using the wrong TIPS. You can only use the tips bebetul ngam only

WARNING! do not force this tip in the hole! Kat later broken laptop power jack that.

2. Find "output voltage" right. Each laptop has a different output value. You must use the correct voltage output! If not, your laptop may be damaged due to over-power or your laptop can not be on because there is not enough power. You can find this Voltage output either your laptop or on the back of the charger adapters available.
Examples of typical voltage output is 3.42A, 4.74A, 3.5a and so on.

3. Find the correct input voltage. Usually in Malaysia, which used input voltage is 220-240V. If in Japan 110v. This is usually not a problem because most of the Power Adapter in Malaysia does have ngam specifications with input voltage in Malaysia. Unless you want to leave the country make sure you bring Adapter with the correct input voltage to the country you visit! explode if not later!
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