Computer As Fax Machine

Did you know that your computer can be used as a fax machine. This will save you the cost because no longer need to purchase a separate fax machine. In fact, it may be more sophisticated than the typical fax machine.


1 - Computer
2 - Line telephone
3 - Modem
4 - Software

The most advanced software for use as a fax machine is Norton Winfax. It should be available through stores that sell software. There are also programs that are offered for free on the internet, but none of the approaches Winfax terms of ease and sophistication.
The advantage of using Winfax

1 - You no longer have to print the document and then fax using ordinary fax machine. You just need to "print", select the Winfax printer, then click OK. Document then proceeds available for difax. This saves paper.

2 - You can keep all the names and addresses in Winfax. No longer need look no fax number using the manual method.

3 - Fax that have been sent and received can be kept as a record. It can be read back at any time. It can also be didelete manually or automatically (eg, fax received the last 30 days will be automatically didelete) by selecting the appropriate option.

4 - Broadcast: Sending fax to several places at once is a simple matter. For example, you can set to send the fax to the A, B, C and D. Winfax will try to send a fax to A. If A is engaged or unanswered, it will be sent to B. And so on. Then, it will try to send back to places that have not been delivered, for example A.

5 - You can set how many times it should try to send to a place if the lines are not answered or engaged.

6 - Can be set at what fax to be sent. For example, can be set so that the fax is sent at 12 am, etc.. You would not have to stay up nights, as long as the computer is ON.

7 - Can be set to answer fax computer automatically or manually.

8 - Can set FORWARDING. For example, if your computer is in the office to receive fax at 12 pm until 8 am, it can be set to send the fax to another phone number, for example to your home.

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