Is It Safe To You To Delete Fail?

Sometimes your computer fails after you remove the files from the computer. So. Remove only the files that you do alone. If you are unsure about any of the files, do not remove. Here is a guide about the file is safe to remove.

Files in the folder "Documents" or "My Documents"

Files in a folder that is located in the "Documents" or "My Documents"

Any folder that you created

Any folder in the "Documents" or "My Documents"

Zip file. That compressed folder that you downloaded (download) from the internet and its contents have been installed (installed) into your computer.

Zip file that you have created yourself to compress folders and files documents is there.

You can also uninstall shortcut icon. Keep in mind that when you remove the shortcut icon. Files associated with it are not removed from your computer.

You can also remove items from the start menu. Anyway. This would annoy you because if you remove the item. You can not start menguunakan software associated with the start menu. Advised not removed the item.

For safety, do not ever remove the file in another location on your computer. However, the hard disk space is limited. When it is full, you have to remove the file or folder to free space to store new files.

In addition to the files that you created or that you download files from the Internet, you can safely remove the following files. however, never remove files that are specified in the instructions below. Use the utility software provided.

Internet cookie files.
Internet temporary files.
File photo collection that is used as a desktop background, known as wallpaper.

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