Know Your Computer Have Virus

1. Computer Becomes Slow.
On own rather, virus infected computers will be slow because the virus is running in tandem with the operating system and it is in the computer's memory. In addition, your computer is slow because the virus is doing his dirty work like disturbing your computer from functioning as it should.

2. Can Not Open the Registry Editor.
Registry editor is used to change the setting on the computer registry anda.Dengan use, you can prevent anyone to enter your computer network, changing policies and so on. Can not Open Task Manager. Task manager is usually used to view software or tasks being undertaken by the computer. Virus disabling task will managersupaya you can not see the virus is doing.

3. Folder Option Missing.
Folder option is used to view or set the properties of a file.
Virus may disappear and not allow you to
see them by eliminating the option of folders.

4. Become Slow Start Up Process.
Start-up process is a process carried out every time your computer is turned on. A growing number of processes to be carried out, the slower your computer. Usually take advantage of the computer running the code on every virus we start up process.

5. Some Software Can not Be Installed.
There are some viruses that will prevent you from installing new software. For example, a virus that prevents you from installing antivirus software.

6. Can not Print Documents.
There are viruses that control the printer by disabling the cetak.Ini cause you failed to print any document.
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