Laptop Care Tips

Laptop generate a lot of heat, particularly if you menggnakan latest software. Too hot, you risk damaging your motherboard.

Heat sink collect dust after 6 months

Make sure your laptop has good ventilation, and make sure you do not block air flow from the fan because it was the only laptop in the air space!

Make sure you send your laptop to a specialist to service your laptop fan to wash the dust when:

1) Laptop you warm on the fan.
2) Every 6 months.

This is a critical problem that all laptop users do not know until they damaged laptop. After a while your laptop will definitely trap dust in the processor fan.

This causes poor ventilation then laptop will over heat and damage the component parts such as laptop motherboard and processor

Believe me, if you adopt this attitude, you will not fall from the people who have to bear the cost of hundreds of dollars to change the motherboard as most of our customers!
Be careful with your LCD screen

Avoid touching the LCD screen or play with you.

You may be damaged LCD lines, white, dark, no lights. shaking concussion, so TV is damaged. green, red or yellow.

To avoid breaking or cracking

Make sure you do not put
  • keys,
  • coin
  • ring
  • pen drive
  • Broadboand USB dongle

Do not drop your laptop!

Sometimes we can not avoid unwanted things, but we can reduce its impact. Always use a quality laptop bag (though heavy) Avoid using laptop bag beautiful outside but does not cover!

Do not carry your laptop in a bag without saving it first! make it a practice!

Do not park on the side edge of the table or a place that is not stable.
  •  LCD screen, hinge (very difficult find)
  •  Cover (very bad times wanted to see)
  •  Frame (again very difficult to find)
  •  Hard Disk (easily replaced but data can not substitute)

Make sure the rubber should be under the laptop is still available and is in good condition. This prevents them from accidentally slipping.

Do not place beverages close

If you have to drink when you are using a laptop, make sure you do not spill it.

A few drops in your drink if spilled on the laptop can make you huge losses.

Keyboard, motherboard and hard disk is at risk of damage.
You definitely do not want to spend hundreds of dollars for a few drops of water right?

Say no to a virus!

Intelligent laptop users are bound to have the best anti virus

Make sure you buy a quality antivirus and refrain from using free antivirus. This is because free antivirus does not have all the security features such as antivirus premium paid. Kaspersky Internet Security 2012, Avast Internet Security, BitDefender antivirus is among the best in the market.

Also make sure you update your antivirus definitions. Otherwise it is useless and your laptop will be exposed to thousands of new viruses are dangerous.

Most antivirus now auto update so you do not dizzy to think about it.
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