Turn Off Laptop Without Shutdown

1. Losing data in registry

During computer operation or still in the process of operation, the computer will register or registry available computer components or applications that have been used, this will result in a component or application can not be stored in the registry, it will result in the recovery system is not functioning properly.

2. Will reduce life expectancy computer components

During shutdown computer processing unit or processor shall give instructions to the bios to stop all the components work there, it is also my current out of control on the component, if you turn off the computer with the incorrect current component eventually you will wear out quicker.

3. Processor will easily damaged

During shutdown bios will play an important role in turning off cooller fan on the processor, if it is off then suddenly startled processor.

Memory can be easily damaged during the shutdown systems where memory or cache will be cleared, it will result in damage to the memory.

4. Hard drive damaged

If the operating system does not shut down properly shutdown and follow the steps, eating is likely that there are on the hard disk drive can be easily damaged, because current supplies are switched off suddenly, head or head hard disk will wear out quicker.

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