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Here is the Articles You Need to Know Before Upgrading Laptop

Prior to upgrade your laptop to find out the specs first. This information can be found in Control Panel - System. You can also use additional applications such as DriverMax to identify the device and the specifications of your laptop.

When you want to upgrade the memory (RAM) and hard drive (hard disk). You must have the appropriate screwdriver to open the cap Said Hard Disk space and RAM are. There are some laptops that require you to open the casing to change the device. Make sure the Hard Disk and RAM type is either IDE or SATA for hardisk and DDR2 or DDR3 for RAM.

You can make the thumbdrive as a place to store the BIOS file or device drivers. To make the Windows 7 installer, 4GB thumbdrive more appropriate size or can also be used as a fitted Boot Disk Hiren's BootCD system. Manakal thumbdrive more appropriate size for posting large files to be installed applications.

If you are using Windows XP system you can upgrade to Windows 7 if your laptop specifications meet the minimum requirements of Windows 7. As a precaution you can copy the original windows DVD DVD Duplication or the thumbdrive.

Each newly purchased laptop included CD drivers for the device in it like chipset, display, sound and so on. The file might be bad after a few years of use and should be updated. select the driver but do not select the new version is still in the trial period (BETA).

As well as device drivers, BIOS software on the laptop can also update if necessary. You need to update the BIOS if you want to change the storage Hard Disk Drive (HDD) to Solid State Drive (SSD). You can update the BIOS on the website this laptop that you use that. Reminders also if you want to update this BIOS should be careful to follow the instructions given.

Preparation before upgrade Boot Disk is a precaution. You can set up Boot disk with CD, DVD or thumbdrive that comes with Hiren's BootCD example system loaded with various useful applications of this system but also can access the internet if the windows on the laptop is damaged or infected with a virus.
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