Use 2 Monitors For Computers Or Laptop

Now, you do not have to worry budget to buy a larger monitor. Tips that I want to share at this time is dedicated to someone who crave computer screen size larger, especially when working with digital photographs. Than you buy a larger monitor that is certainly cost, maybe you better buy two small monitors and cheap, both bowed and 'connect' right on your pc.

There are many latest desktop now supports dual computer without the need for additional hardware. If you have more than one monitor connector, please see the back of your computer for Video Graphics Array Connector (VGA) or Digital Visual Interface Connector (DVI) or one of them. Your monitor cable Connectkan another at VGA or DVI behind your computer.

To configure the monitor screen, press the monitor and restart the computer. The computer will detect the new monitor connection. Please follow the instructions below (Windows 7):

1. Click Start menu - Control Panel - Display

2. Click Change Display Settings

3. Click the monitor icon labeled 2 and click on Extend this DISPLAYS

4. If necessary, drag the icon monitor. Keep instructed on the same way as the monitors on your desk. Click the button to Identityuntuk determine which monitor 1 and which monitor 2

5. Click Apply and OK to confirm the settings

Have two monitors will revolutionize the way you work with a computer so that they can make you more creative. And for those who have children can also tu ni ways, so it is disturbing our work. 1 we open the story tu monitor your child's favorite cartoon on Youtube or use VCD / DVD.

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