Lights Hard Disk Drive or HDD LED

In every computer you'll find some light - a small lamp. Most people know and recognize lighting power (power LED) will light up every time the computer is installed. Lights - These lights provide important signals about what is happening in the computer, so do not ignore this light.

Between the light that is often neglected is the lighting or Hard Disk Drive HDD LED. These lights are often visible flicker - flicker when the computer is used - like heart pulse. Many users ignore this and assume kelipannya light that is normal. But the fact that the HDD light flickering provide important information to consumers regarding computer functions. Take cognizance of the significance of the flashing will help you become more productive users.

Flickering lights actually depicts HDD hard drive activity or Hard Disk Drive (HDD) your computer. Each computer is equipped with at least one - HDD. HDD is the primary computer storage media and store all the information required for the computer to function. Without HDD, the computer will not be commissioned or used.

When information is read or written to the HDD, the lights will flash. Speed ​​describes how busy flickering HDD is working. HDD light blinks faster, more sibuklah it. But what is the connection with you as a consumer?

When the HDD busy working, computers often become slow. In this situation the computer takes longer to respond to typing or mouse clicks through. There are times when you may not see any response on the computer to the instruction given by keyboard or mouse. As a result when the HDD is busy, the computer may seem - if suspended operations or "hang" and many computer users to conclude that they are damaged.

In fact the computer in the aforementioned situation is not damaged but just too busy for a while. What to do in such circumstances is to give the computer time to complete all transactions read and write to the hard disk drive (HDD) last before starting to use it again. When the HDD light stops flashing or blinking only once - only occasionally, you may return to your computer business. You will find the computer more responsive and fun to use.

Therefore beware sentasa your computer HDD lights. Stop using the computer immediately if it becomes too busy. Follow these tips will make your computing more comfortable and productive.
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